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Enter your Graduate Institute email identifiers.


As a future alumnus, you will automatically keep your Graduate Institute email address at the end of your studies. 

Please note that if you do not use this email address for six consecutive months, your email account will be deactivated. Nonetheless, you can ask to reactivate it at any time.


Moodle - eLearning

On the Moodle portal (temporary picture), click on IHEID/SWITCHaai Login and discover how to operate the SWITCHaai's service.

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Papercut - Printer

Enter your Onelogin identifiers and click on Login.

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The Service Desk is your point of contact for IT support

Campus, Moodle, Papercut: At the end of your studies, you will keep your Onelogin account for six consecutive weeks, to close you pending affairs.

AAI Service

AAI stands for Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure. 

SWITCH Federated Identity Management

The AAI Identity Federation is managed by SWITCH (Swiss Academia networking). It allows students, professors and administrative staff from Swiss Higher Education organizations to access web resources in other Universities, with their one and only Login such as your OneLogin identifiers.

In summary, AAI simplifies inter-organizational access to web resources such as eLearning. 
With a single login, you can access university systems that share certain services according to certain rights holders (students, employees, members).

with without aai

 Credit SWITCHaai

Introducing AAI.

For more information please read the SWITCHaai Privacy Policy.


Moodle Example

Connect to the Moodle Portal and click on Login into the “IHEID/SWITCHaai Login” box.


Find the “Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies” among all Swiss universities.

Check the box to remember your browser session and click on Select.


Login with your Onelogin identifiers.



Note that the first time you use SWITCHaai, you will get a list of Miscellaneous information and Attributes in order to be compliant with the transparency and security principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

AAI Helpdesk

The Service Desk is your point of contact for IT support.


switch edu-id

The Graduate Institute adopts SWITCH edu-ID

From December 7, 2020:

  • Only the SWITCH edu-ID account (cf below "Create your edu-ID account") will allow access to certain IHEID resources such as SLSP-swisscovery.
  • The OneLogin Graduate Institute account will however remain the one used for various main and standard IHEID services.

As a result, each student will now have another account.


SWITCH edu-ID is a free academic authentication service, deployed by the Swiss Confederation and the university cantons in order to offer you a secure and unique identifier which will follow you during and after your studies. 

This edu-ID account gives you access to various resources, not only from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, but also from other Swiss universities (UniGE, UNIL, HES, ...) or other Swiss academic resources such as SLSP-swisscovery.

An edu-ID account contains :

  • your personal information (surname, first name, e-mail, ...)
  • your membership information with Swiss institutions (ex. student)

Your edu-ID account is persistent, it remains usable even if your affiliations change or you leave the Graduate Institute. 

Create your edu-ID account

Note that Graduate Institute's students who now access SLSP-swisscovery already meet the necessary conditions and have nothing to do.

For students who have already created an edu-ID account, make sure not to create another one.

Presently, students who must create their edu-ID in order to access the Institute's SLSP-swisscovery platform, follow the instructions on The Graduate Institute Library Blog.

If you want to increase the security of your edu-ID account with two-step login authentication, follow the instructions: SWITCH edu-ID FAQ to increase security with two-step login.

For more information SWITCH edu-ID FAQs and contact.

Credit from UniGE STIC Intranet and adapted to the Graduate Institute.