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For every course a mailing list contains the email addresses of all registered students. The addresses of your courses are cours-<code of the course>, for exemple cours-de091. The code is available on Campus when you register for courses at the beginning of the semester.


Gmail manages the Institute's e-mail service. As a new student, you activate your e-mail account during the summer, in a safe environment due to the protection of the 2-Step Verification on your account.

This service is part of the Gsuite, which offers a set of collaborative tools.

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To discover these tools, from Gmail, click on the top right button: 

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The most popular applications are Contacts, Calendar, GDrive including Docs and Sheets, etc.

In total, you have 30GB of storage to share between applications.

We recommend the use of the webmail interface, which allows you to access your account on the Internet or offline. With Gmail's search engine, you can quickly find your messages or attachments.
Please note that this service does not offer backup.

Gmail FAQ

Google Help Center is well organized. Here are some links containing answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:


You can share your calendar with students and external contacts but also with professors and the staff.

Get started with Calendar

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Please note that this service does not offer backup.

- The storage of documents in the Drive includes, on the one hand, the downloading of documents in various formats (MS Office, PDF, BPM, etc.) and, on the other hand, the creation of documents directly in the Drive (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.).
- The documents in the Drive can be shared with external persons according to the rights granted (Edit, View, Comment) by the Drive Manager.
- The Drive is available as long as the Gmail account is active.

Get started with Drive

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Please note that: 

  • the Drive service does not offer backup
  • the documents being accessible on the Internet, keep in mind that data protection and evaluation of sensitive or confidential documents are paramount.