Wifi at the Institute

To get started, some you will need to install security.
The first step is to install, on your personal computer, the two certificates located on the Certification Authority page.

certification authority 4

1. Install the CA Certificate

Continue to click on Next until the Certificate Import Wizard ends.
Click on Finish and close the certificate installation.

2. Install the intermediate CA Certificate

  • Download and save 241025_iheid_intca.crt
  • Follow the same steps as mentioned above for the previous certificate.

3. Wifi connection

Now you are ready to activate your connection to the IHEID-AUTH secured Wifi.

  • Open the Connection profiles web page
  • Download the IHEID_AUTH profile that is compatible with your computer (double click)
  • On the toolbar, find the Wifi signal (see below) and click to access IHEID_AUTH
wifi icone

Click on Connect automatically and Connect. Sign in with your Onelogin account




To access the Institute's internal network from a distant location, you must have a VPN connection on your personal computer. First, please ensure that you have administrator rights on that computer.  

One of the most important uses of the VPN is to access our Library’s Protected Resources.

Here are the steps for installing the VPN software:
Click on VPN USAGE to open a Google login window. Sign in with your institutional email account. If you need to switch from a private account to an institutional one, click on the email address inside the orange border (see below).


google drive need access

Once you reach the VPN Google Drive folder, click on Mac or Windows, depending on your computer.
From the folder you have chosen, download the procedure and the package.

procedure package it service vpn


Open and install the software package (double click) and follow the procedure to activate your VPN connection.