Public Computers, Multi-Services Card, Printing

Public Computers


On the Multi-Services Card, about ten functions are available, such as accessibility to buildings or payments at the Cafeteria. 

To help you to find the location of the Services concerned, please have a look on the list below:

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) available at the entrance of Maison de la paix, Petal 6, on the Chemin Eugène-Rigot

  • Accounting (Comptabilité): Petal1-Level4
  • Cafeteria: Petal3-Level3
  • Library: Petal3 to Petal5-Level1 to Level2
  • Reception: Petal1-Level3 + 41 22 908 57 00
  • Service Desk,, +41 22 908 44 44: Petal1-Level3
  • Student Services: Petal1-Level3


The card offers several functions to students.


This card allows students to access places that are open to them.


Use the card for payment in the cafeteria and on a direct debit for printed pages and photocopies, beyond your free initial credit.

Identification RFID

The RFID chip identifies you to easily borrow and return library resources.


  • The card legitimises your presence at the Maison de la paix and the access to the polyvalent room in the Edgar and Danièle de Picciotto Student House
  • With your student’s card you can also benefit from discounts on movies, museum, cultural and sportive activities.




Where can I get my card?

  • At the beginning of the academic year, you get your card during registration
  • Valid your card and your student number on the machine in front of the Student Services Desk.

How long my card is valid?

  • Your card is valid until the last day of your studies, provided you renew your card for every semester. 
  • At the end of your studies and before leaving the Institute, spend the rest of the money you have in your account. 
  • Warning: after the last day of your studies, the money is no longer refundable.

What should I do if my card does not work?

  • If you cannot access the places that are open to you, please contact the Security Officer at the Service desk.
  • If your card is in good condition, go to the Service desk, preferably, with some information such as an error message. A technician will give you a new card, free of charge if necessary.
  • If your card is not in bad condition, you will have to get a new card and pay a CH 10 replacement fee. 
  • Apply the procedure What should I do to get a new card? (next paragraph)
  • If the dysfunction is due to the end of validity of your card, the situation can only be resolved administratively at the Student Services.

What should I do to get a new card?

  • Go to the Reception and check the Accounting office hours
  • A receptionist will announce you at the cash desk and tell you how to get there.
  • An employee will welcome you and take you to the Cashier where you will pay a CH 10 replacement fee. 
  • The Cashier will give you a receipt. 
  • Go to the Service desk and give the receipt to a technician who will create a new card for you.

What I have to do if I lose my card?

  • Block you card it as soon as possible.
  • Contact the Service desk by phone, by email or directly at the Service desk 
  • Apply the procedure What should I do to get a new card? (previous paragraph)




How can I load money on my card?

  • Two cash machines, located at the entrance of the Cafeteria at the Maison de la Paix, Petal 3-Level 3, allow you to deposit money on your card’s account. Note that only banknotes of 10, 20, 50 and 100 CHF are accepted. 
  • To load your card, place and keep your card on the reader (symbol with waves) until the end of the transaction.
  • A small screen lights up, insert the bills into the machine.

How much money do I have on my card?

  • Check your balance on the machines at the entrance of the Cateteria
  • There is a machine located at the entrance of the Petal 1- Level 3 in front of the Student Services. Insert the card into the slot: you have access to your balance, your transactions.

How do I pay?

  • To pay at the Cafeteria, keep your card on the Cashier reader. 
  • If you miss a part of the payment, you can cancel or complete the transaction with a credit card or cash.
  • By paying with your card you have discounts on food and beverages.

The Service Desk (+41 22 908 44 44, Petal 1-Level 3) is your point of contact for IT support



Printing credit

Each student has a free print and photocopy credit per semester.

Programme / Credit / A4, single sided, black and white
Master / CHF 50 / 500
PhD / CHF 200 / 2000
MIDS / CHF 50 / 500
CERAH, MEA, ADH / 0 / 0
Exchange Students / CHF 50 / 500


  • The quota is granted for the current semester only; it is not transferred to the next semester.
  • Print quota cannot be used for the Cafeteria.
  • Your multi-service card from the Institute automatically deducts, from your quota, the pages you print as well as your photocopies.
  • The remaining cash credit on the students IHEID multi-services card is not reimbursed at the end of studies. The unique way to get rid of the remaining money is to spend it all.


  • In case your current printing is interrupted, detect the flashing warning signal on the printer console and find out what the problem is.
  • If the interruption is due to paper shortage, please ask for support at the Library desk or at the Service desk. Printing will resume as soon as the printer is reloaded.
  • When the printer stops for any other reason than paper handling then only the printed pages are deducted from the quota. 
  • Photocopies are deducted from the quota one by one.

Printing fees

The following fees are applicable to printed pages and photocopies:

A4 Format

  • Single sided Black/White    CHF 0.10
  • Double sided Black/White    CHF 0.15
  • Single sided Color    CHF 0.20
  • Double sided Color    CHF 0.30

A3 Format

  • Single sided Black/White    CHF 0.20
  • Double sided Black/White    CHF 0.30
  • Single sided Color    CHF 0.40
  • Double sided Color    CHF 0.60


  • Free of charge



Use your card to print, photocopy or scan (free) documents on the multifunctional copiers, inside the Library.

Check your printing credit

You can check your printing credit on the printer, after authenticating with your IHEID multi-services card or with your OneLogin account. Only in French, the balance of your printing credit cumulated with your money credit appears in CHF after clicking on the "Copy and Scan" button. 


To check your printing details, use PaperCut web application and sign in with your OneLogin account.

The "Summary" section allows you to consult your credit balance:

The "Recent Print Jobs" section displays the last impressions along with their status

NB: to manage the contents of this list, click on the "Filter on" button.


Residences copiers

Students living in the Institute's residences have access to copiers.

Print your work:

If you are in the Residence study rooms, connect to the IHEID_AUTH or eduroam Wifi.
If you are not in the Residence study rooms, you must start an Institute VPN connection and use the "IHEID_Residence Wifi".

Once you are connected:

Apply the procedure "Mobile printing" (cf below).
Collect your printouts from the nearest copier.

Copiers location:

If you cannot find the copiers available to students, contact the Residence receptionist.

Icone PDF

Mobile Printing