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Hardware Promotion


Students can purchase personal computers at discounted rates. 

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Managed by the EPFL (Swiss Federal Polytechnical School in Lausanne), the Poseidon project offers discounted laptops and accessories.
Please browse the laptop offers page and read the purchase conditions.

Download the catalogue (in French only). 

Once you are ready to purchase a laptop, contact the vendors through the laptop offers page.

Some vendors will collect personal data prior to the creation of a new account. Others will give you a choice to login alternatively, for example by using your SWITCH-aai login.

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If you need help, please contact


Managed by ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Polytechnical School in Zürich), the Neptun project has a similar arrangement as Poseidon. The particularity of the Neptun project is to open sales twice a year, at the beginning of the academic semesters (in September and February), for a duration of one month. 

The Neptun Wave is open from Friday 28 August 2020 until Monday 28 September 2020

First, access the Neptun project and browse the homepage. There you can access all offers and information to help you make your choice. 

Note: Apple users should compare Neptun offers versus those of Apple Store Education to make sure to get the best offer.

Choose the hardware you want to purchase. When you are ready to pay, use the authentication provided by your SWITCHaai log in.

If you need help, please contact
For more information, please consult the Neptun’s Data Privacy Statement.