The pandemic has heavily affected all students all over the world. As an academic institution, students and their wellbeing are at the heart of our concerns. To allow our students to overcome this crisis and the isolation engendered by it, GISA and the Student Wellbeing and Support Service have proposed various solidarity initiatives to ensure students stay connected and supported. 

Students may also reach out to GISA Welfare for guidance and support.

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Helping each other

Quarantine Buddy list

To help quarantined students do their shopping, etc., please sign up on the Quarantine Buddy List.

Offer a little bit of your time

Offer a little bit of your free time to a student or students, and share a friendly moment together. Please register to indicate your availabilities (open to staff and students).

Connect with other students

This GISA initiative allows students to connect with their peers to share common interests or spend some time studying, cooking, sharing a meal, going for a walk, discovering new places, etc.

Collective guided Meditation

Meet us every Tuesday morning at 8:30 (max 30 minutes) on various themes, including "Letting go of worries" or "Cultivating gratitude, self confidence and positiveness", among others!

GISA's online Zumba

Join us for GISA's online Zumba class on Wednesdays from 18:00-19:00.

"Warrior Training"

If you like Yoga, check out Claudia Seymour's "Warrior Training" via her Youtube Channel!


Another option for Yoga addicts: follow Adriene's yoga journey!

Cooking together

Discover and join our Cooking Together session on Monday evenings at 18:30, organised by Vivre Ensemble, Student Support and COPAT.