Our Summer Programme Participants

The Graduate Institute is home to students from all over the world, giving us a truly global perspective and contributing to our diverse campus community.

Who are our Summer Students?



  • 60% undergraduate students 

  • 38% graduate students 

  • 30% professionals 



  • 57% undergraduate students 

  • 4% graduate students

  • 25% professionals 

Over the past three years, 23 of our Summer Programme students have been admitted to our regular master programmes.


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How the Graduate Institute's Summer Programme helped Michelle Luu (USA) and Ifunanya Enezuagu (Nigeria) gain access to international opportunities, create strong bonds with a diverse group of peers and be inspired by an unforgettable experience.
During her time at the Graduate Institute's Summer Programme, Natasha Irisarri Lolin was stimulated by the Institute’s location in the heart of International Geneva, as well as the diverse student population and small class sizes, which sparked close rela

Pau maturana nolla

1st year Master student in International Affairs, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

 "Attending the IHEID Summer School on the UN and Global Challenges was a fantastic experience. I could see firsthand the dynamics of the Graduate Institute, engage in conversation with the most prominent scholars, and enjoy the vibe of Geneva, attending many conferences and workshops that positively fostered networking. After my two-week program at IHEID I knew I was settled, and the MIA, with its interdisciplinary approach, was certainly the best option!"


alessandro marinaro

1st year Master student in International Law, The Graduate Institute, Geneva  

"What initially pushed me to apply at the Institute for a Master was its world-class faculty, interdisciplinary outlook, and renowned tradition. But the Summer Programme experience introduced me to the human aspect of the Maison de la Paix, made of incredibly multicultural, motivated, and cohesive small groups of people from all over the world. After a little more than a semester at the Institute, I am sure, more than ever, that I would not hesitate to make that choice again.”


miyuki uchiyama

1st year Master student in Development Studies, The Graduate Institute, Geneva  

"IHEID's Summer Programmes are perfect for all students interested in learning at International Geneva and future IHEID students. Networking here was one of the best times in my life to upgrade my future career."


pietro carra

1st year Master student in International Affairs, The Graduate Institute, Geneva  

"Not only did the Summer Programme provided me with comprehensive knowledge on the UN system and its future challenges, but it also allowed me to interact with a very dynamic and international group of students and young professionals. The welcoming environment, the engaging cooperation with my peers, as well as the excellent quality of the teachings, encouraged me to apply for the Interdisciplinary Master in International Affairs (MIA).

Daiki Naito

Daiki naito

Bachelor, Economics, The University of Tokyo 

"The four weeks of the Summer Programme on International Affairs allowed me to explore issues including humanitarianism more broadly and deeply than I anticipated; I’d never been in such a worldwide centre of diplomacy as Geneva, where many international institutions are accessible. Each class was delivered by seasoned professors and practitioners and the diversity of our group made for dynamic classes. I am so grateful for having had this amazing opportunity and for such a wonderful experience in the city of Geneva."


Abha calindi

Bachelor of Arts, History and Politics, University of Warwick 

“The week on International Security at the Graduate Institute was a rewarding one. I can honestly say that I was inspired on a daily basis, especially by Professor Mohamedou, who convened the course. As well as a series of formidable guest speakers, we were constantly pushed to think critically and challenge our preconceived assumptions about what security and securitisation means, at whose expense it comes and how the theoretical meets the practical in the policy-making world. 

I did the course between finishing my undergraduate degree and starting my masters, but many of my peers were mid-career professionals. The course at the Graduate Institute allowed me the opportunity to interact with people I would not otherwise have met”.


Fares Halabi 

Communication Senior Consultant, Arab Reform Initiative, Beirut, Lebanon

"I have been working in the Non-Governmental sector for more than four years, but since the first day of the summer programme at the Graduate Institute, I felt like I was learning something totally new and different. This four-week programme helped me to improve my knowledge and understanding, both theoretical and practical. 
I'm truly thankful for this programme, the teachers, and the Graduate Institute."


Sahar Bajis

Associate Lecturer, Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program

“This introductory summer programme on international affairs employed a dynamic and thought-provoking multidisciplinary approach to teaching, which provided me with an opportunity to consolidate existing knowledge about the history and current status of humanitarianism and its politics, and global governance in relation to global health. ‘Food for thought’ was often on the table as I reflected on my work as humanitarian aid worker and public health academic.”



Lou Granier

Etudiante en management du développement à la London School of Economics

"Ma participation aux programmes International Affairs et UN and Global Challenges m’a permis de découvrir le système de gouvernance internationale, ses acteurs et ses problématiques. Tous les enseignements reposaient sur la conviction passionnée que malgré sa complexité, il faut continuer à “penser notre monde” en adoptant une vision critique et non cynique. Les solutions novatrices naissent d’une fertilisation croisée des expériences mondiales et locales, dans les pays développés et les pays en développement, par un processus inclusif plutôt que spécialisé, rassemblant des défis et des propositions normalement considérés comme contraires."



Jamilah Bahay


"My experience at the Summer Programme on the United Nations was both stimulating and inspiring. The Graduate Institute provided a robust foundation for participants to dive deep into the key global issues surrounding the future of global governance. Professors and guest speakers encouraged participants to critically analyze global issues and empowered us to stipulate authentic solutions.

As a young professional adamant on attributing her career to the reinvention of meaningful global governance, I feel ever more empowered, determined and confident in my ambitions after this experience at the Graduate Institute."

Success stories

Andrew Ahadji

"I enrolled in the Summer Programme on International Affairs at the Institute while I was an Intern at the U.S. Embassy in Burkina Faso.  I found several merits to this outstanding programme. As it is organised in a city that hosts numerous international institutions, this provided me with opportunities to meet and interact directly with various experts from around the globe, practitioners and even senior high-level officials. The most interesting part I must admit, was meeting with young, target driven and growth-oriented individuals from all corners of the world, sharing the same interest and passion for international affairs. I am very pleased to count a lot of them today among my good friends. Moreover, the Graduate Institute has a unique dedicated team that has always been of great help before, during and even after the Programme, which is very rare. I currently work at the United Nations Headquarters in New York as an Associate Political Affairs Officer, after spending some time at the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo (MONUSCO) in the same capacity, and I still rely on many contacts I made during this beautiful time at the Institute."