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An Unparalleled Academic Experience in the Heart of International Geneva

The students at the Graduate Institute, Geneva make up a great patchwork of cultures and ethnicities. This unique, diverse community is full of impactful ideas that get their start from something simple: an exchange, an event, a life experience that, when shared with others, can lead to big opportunities to make the world a better place.

When I decided to do a PhD, there were certain things that I was looking for. And the Graduate Institute, when compared to the rest of the institutions that I considered, stood head and shoulders above.
PhD Candidate in International Law
What makes the Graduate Institute different from Harvard is a broader spectrum of people, which brings a broader perspective of ideas in the classroom, and the interdisciplinary approach.
Exchange Programme in International Law
Meeting and exchanging with the diverse group of interesting people at the Graduate Institute nurtured the right state-of-mind to build bridges between people and that's a big part of my job.
Head of Office Geneva, Singa Switzerland
The Institute is home to students who make up a community on a human scale and who fully reflect humanity’s diversity. This cosmopolitanism contributes to the Institute’s wealth of expertise and its analysis of the challenges of globalisation.

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