Housing FAQ

How far from the Maison de la Paix are the student Halls located?

Both are easily accessible by public transportation and are walking distance from Maison de la paix.

  • Only a 5-minute bus ride or a 20-minute walk for the Grand Morillon student residence (also known as REGM)
  • Only a footbridge away for the De Picciotto student residence (also known as MDE)


Housing applications

When should I apply?

For the 2023-2024 academic year or for the 2023 autumn semester the housing applications are open from 20.03.2023 to 20.04.2023 only for IHEID students and from 20.04.2023 for other applicants.

What are the housing admission criteria?

De Picciotto student residence: Only Graduate Institute students are eligible to stay.
Grand Morillon student residence: Priority is given to Graduate Institute students and students from UNIGE/HES-SO universities. However, students from other universities in Switzerland, as well as interns from international organizations are also welcome to apply.

Can I apply if I do not have the Swiss residence permit yet?

Yes, the Swiss residence permit is not required for the application.

Can I apply if I am not yet admitted at the Graduate Institute?

Only students that are confirmed at the Graduate Institute and paid the tuition fees can apply for housing.

What are the required documents?

The copy of your passport and a study certificate for the whole duration of the stay are required.

There is no availability for the dates I have selected, what should I do?

As soon as there is a cancellation, the accommodation will appear on the reservation website. We then advise you to regularly check the website as there is no waiting list.

What contractual guarantees (deposit) are required?

To confirm the reservation, students have to pay, within two weeks, the student housing deposit specified in their housing offer which equals two month’s accommodation price. This price will be applied for the newly admitted residents from August 2023 only (the deposit is currently equal to one month’s rent with a minimum of CHF 1000.-).

Do I have to pay the first price installment if I already paid the deposit?

Yes. The accommodation price is different from the deposit. The deposit is to cover any damages or unpaid amounts the Resident may owe the IHEID under the Agreement. So the first accommodation price is due and payable before the start of the month (ex: by 31st August at the latest for the month of September and so on).

Do all people sharing housing have to apply?

Yes, individual accommodation agreements are issued and rooms are assigned randomly.

Can I choose the people I share with? Are the shared apartments mixed gender?

No, it is not possible to choose your roommates. As mentioned above, accommodations are assigned randomly and they are all mixed gender. If you have any particular condition for living, make sure the Housing Administration is duly informed before the booking is confirmed.

What should I do if I want to cancel my reservation?

You will be able to cancel your accommodation from your account on the housing website (a cancellation fee may apply).

How do I apply?

Go to the housing website “Apply for a room”: https://www.graduateinstitute.ch/housing/apply-room
Applications steps:

  1. Create your profile
  2. Select your preferred room type
  3. Your status and application are reviewed by the Housing team
  4. If we send you a housing offer, you will have 2 weeks to settle the deposit in order to secure your reservation. If our response is negative, your status is unfortunately not eligible and your booking is canceled.
  5. Once the deposit is settled, the accounting department will confirm your reservation.
  6. In your housing account you will then have access to your accommodation agreement, the Housing Regulations, the inventory list and any other important documents.



What is the accommodation agreement duration?

Accommodation agreements are generally issued either for one semester (from September to January or from February to June) or for one academic year (from September to June). Exceptions can be given to interns with more flexibility on the dates and duration of the contracts.

Is my agreement automatically renewed for the next academic year?

The Agreement is not renewable (fixed term). Subject to availability and the status of the resident, the resident may be offered a new accommodation agreement for the same or a different accommodation.

What if I want to extend my contract to July and August?

If the resident has confirmed an agreement renewal for the next academic year, the same accommodation can be kept for the whole summer. If the resident does not plan to renew but only to extend for one or two more months, it will depend on availability and the status of the resident. Please contact the housing administration for more information.

How should I proceed if I wish to leave earlier than the expected end date of my contract?

The Resident may make a motivated request for early termination of the Agreement, which the Institute will be free to accept or reject at its sole discretion. Such a request must be made at least two months prior to the desired exit date. The new termination date shall be at the end of a month.

Is it possible to leave during the course of a month?

You can leave earlier than the expected departure date; however, the rent is due until the final date as stated in your accommodation agreement. If you wish to amend your current contract date, the notice period must be respected with no pro rata refund.

Can I let a visitor occupy my accommodation for a long period?

Residents may be exceptionally authorized to let a visitor pay to occupy their accommodation for a long-term stay, under certain conditions that are explained in the Housing Regulations and with the prior mandatory approval of the Housing Administration. This period is for a maximum of 6 months and only from September to June.



What are the services included in the price?

  • Security services (24h/7 days per week)
  • Housing Administration (5/7 days per week)
  • Repair & Maintenance services, 1st level (5/7 days per week)
  • Private lodging cleaning services (every 15 days)
  • Bed linen change services (every 15 days)
  • Common areas cleaning services (5/7 days a week)
  • Post services (5/7 days a week)
  • Wifi & internet access (24h/7 days per week)
  • Vacuum cleaner & iron equipment loan service (shared equipment)
  • Outdoor bicycle parking
  • Use of community kitchens

What services incur additional costs?

  • Extra cleaning
  • Extra bed & bed linen
  • Fitness
  • Laundry
  • Secured private locker (Grand Morillon only)
  • Car & motorbike parking (Grand Morillon only)
  • Sport activities
  • Use of fully equipped auditorium with multimedia equipment
  • Use of terrace hall for events

When and how should I pay the accommodation price?

The payment for the accommodation is due on a monthly basis, at the latest on the first day of the relevant month (ex : by 31st August for the month of September and so on).
There are two payment options: By wire transfer or via the Flywire payment application. More information is given closer to the arrival date.

What are the insurance costs for the accommodation?

The Graduate Institute provides a mandatory private liability and home contents insurance in favor of the Resident, covering only for the belongings of the Institute in the Accommodation and the Residence.
The Insurance premium is at CHF 90.- or CHF 150.- depending on the accommodation type. It must be paid by the Resident with the first monthly rent payment. No reimbursement will be made in case of early termination.

Am I exempt from paying VAT?

VAT is applicable at the legal rate, currently at 3.7 %. Depending on the status of the Resident and the effective duration of the stay, the Resident may be exempted from VAT. The VAT exemption only applies to students that meet the following cumulative conditions: (i) the academic course of the student lasts at least one year (two semesters) without interruption and (ii) the student resides without interruption at the place of training for the duration of their course. Absences during academic holidays, weekends and/or internships are not considered as an interruption. Unless the Resident qualifies for the above-mentioned exemption, the VAT for the full duration of the stay will be charged to the Resident at the end of the Agreement as part of the final exit statement. In all cases, the attention of the Resident is drawn to the fact that the IHEID is bound by the applicable law and the position of the tax authorities regarding the application of VAT to its residents.


Before my arrival

Can I choose the location/floor/view/room number of my accommodation?

Students select the accommodation type upon booking but no specific location can be chosen. They are assigned to all available housing spaces randomly by the reservation system and no apartment number is disclosed in advance. The Resident is informed of the room number upon arrival.
Please note that the room number does not need to be filled in the form E for the OCPM (cantonal office for population and migration).

Can I bring my pet with me?

Animals are not allowed in the Residences. Exceptions may be made by Housing Administration only for assistance animals (dog only) if duly justified and authorized by a medical certificate from a Swiss doctor certifying the necessity and the ability of the animal to assist. The dog's vaccinations certificate updated for Switzerland and the dog's training certificate are also required. Do not bring an animal before having obtained the authorization from the Housing Administration.

Can I change the dates of the accommodation agreement?

It is not possible to arrive earlier than the expected arrival date or modify the end date of your contract before arrival.

Can I visit the accommodation before moving in?

No visit is offered before arrival. You can find more information in the housing page “rooms”.

Should I bring my own bed sheets?

The bed sheets are provided by the housekeeping team. However, you can bring your own sheets if you wish, in that case please inform us before.

Can I receive mail, send suitcases and store personal belongings before my arrival?

No, the administration team does not keep any mail nor personal belongings on behalf of future residents.  

During my stay 

Can I move to another accommodation during my contract?

Room move requests are addressed to the Housing committee once a year and are validated under certain conditions: medical needs and unforeseen reasons. If approved, the move is organized and the moving fee is CHF 200.- (please kindly note that the availability to move to another accommodation is limited).

Can I move out furniture that is part of the inventory?

No, it is not allowed.

Can I decorate my room?

The equipment and furniture should remain clean and in good condition; it cannot be disassembled or removed from the original location. The installation of new furniture in the accommodation is not allowed unless specifically requested by email and authorized by the Housing Administration. The color of the walls shall not be changed or altered. The use of adhesive tape, glue, screws, nails, gum or any other material that could damage the walls, the doors or the furniture is forbidden. Acks can be used on plastered walls. The resident shall bear any costs related to the repair of any damage to the paint and/or the walls of the accommodation upon departure.

Are cleaning services included in the price?

Cleaning and change of bed linen is currently provided twice a month, according to the schedule displayed on the entrance doors and in the lifts. However if the cleaning is canceled by your request or by our team for any reason, no credit will be given on your rent. 

Can I have visitors?

You may have visitors during the day until 10pm. Overnight visitors must be announced to the Housing Administration for security reasons following the procedure and conditions described in the Housing Regulations.

I have a technical issue in my room, what can I do?

Contact our technical support team at: maintenance.residences@graduateinstitute.ch

I have a problem with my payments, what can I do?

Contact our accounting department at: housing.accounting@graduateinstitute.ch

Are there gym facilities on campus? If there are, what does a gym membership cost and how often do you need to get it renewed?

Fitness rooms are available for the Residents only upon availability, on a membership basis for 3 months minimum, charged at an additional cost per quarter: CHF 120.- for the Grand Morillon and CHF 90.- for the De Picciotto residence. Access to fitness is not allowed to anyone outside of the Graduate Institute and Residences community.

Is there car and bike parking at the residences?

Grand Morillon student residence: Car and motorbike parking spots are available upon request and per availability. The cost for a car is CHF180.- and for a motorbike CHF 50.- per month. 400 free outdoor bike spots are available on a first come, first served basis.
200 secured bike parking spots are available at CHF10.- per month. For both options, it is recommended to use padlocks. Please contact the administration for more information.
De Picciotto student house: There is no car and motorbike parking. An indoor bike room is available upon request for residents and is free of charge

Are there additional spaces to store personal belongings?

Lockers of 1m3 each are available only at the Grand Morillon residence for a period of 3 months minimum. Residents can store items at the rate of CHF10.- per month (locks included). Each new month started is due and no pro rata refund will be provided in case of cancellation. At the end of the renting period, the padlocks must be returned to the administration office and the lockers emptied.

Are there laundry services?

There are washing machines and drying machines in both residences. The washing products need to be bought beforehand or can be bought on spot.

After my departure

How and when will I get my deposit back?

The deposit is reimbursed if there are no damages, missing items or outstanding balance after departure. Once the final check is processed by the Housing team, a deposit restitution form is sent to the leaving resident. We do our best to release the deposit as soon as possible, but it may take a few weeks depending on the amount of departures.

Should I notify my departure at the OCPM (cantonal office for population and migration)?

It is the responsibility of each resident to make the necessary address changes before his/her departure with the OCPM. Note that it is not allowed to reside at the student residences without a signed agreement.

Can mails be delivered after my departure?

Your name will no longer appear on the mailbox and no mail is kept by the housing team. You are advised to make the necessary arrangements at the nearby post office to forward your mail to your new address.

What is the procedure regarding missing or broken items upon departure?

The resident should inform the Housing Administration in advance of any damage or missing article. Outstanding charges are applied and deducted from the deposit (the charges are mentioned in the Housing regulations).