The Graduate Institute's research mission is to produce knowledge that fosters a better understanding of global problems. As a community of scholars in the academy, we are committed to advancing insight and debate in the social sciences and humanities. As a community of publicly engaged scholars, we also seek to enrich policy debates at the international and local level, in particular those involving international actors.

Research is conducted by professors, post-doctoral researchers and PhD researchers, either within academic departments or within research centres. Research dissemination at the Institute is not only oriented toward the academic world but also toward the international community, especially on subjects where Geneva and Switzerland have a comparative advantage, as manifested by the Institute’s range of publications, expertise, public debates as well as master’s programs and executive education trainings.

Below you will find research-related events, followed by our research clusters, centres, departments, library, publications, podcasts and support.

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Research podcast

The daily lives of researchers on their fields, scholarly debates, methodological issues, the vagaries of our PhD students – discover our four series of podcasts
Global Challenges no. 10 (October 2021)

Decolonisation: A Past That Keeps Questioning Us

In the face of current calls to decolonise Western societies, international organisations and academia, 11 articles with videos and podcasts put decolonisation into historical perspective and analyse its epistemologies and practical applications

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