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Globe is the Institute’s bilingual review. Written in French and English, it is published two times a year, in March and October.

You will find:

  • Themed briefs covering the world’s major challenges
  • Articles on current events
  • Analyses, interviews and portraits of inspiring people from within our community, including alumni
  • The Institute’s major projects
Globe 23 front page
The Graduate Institute Review

Globe #23

Latest issue's highlights


    • Un monde préoccupant, Philippe Burrin, directeur
    • Ivan Pictet : Un banquier au service de la Genève internationale, Philippe Burrin


    • Les cols blancs passeront à la trappe, Prof. Richard Baldwin
    • Brexit : From Bad to Worse, Prof. Cédric Dupont
    • Ten Years After the Financial Crisis, What Have We Learnt? Prof. Cédric Tille

    Conflict and Violence in the 21st Century

    • On (Political) Violence, Prof. Keith Krause
    • What Is Really New about the New Wars?
      Prof. Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou
    • Sexual Violence: A New Weapon of War?
      Prof. Elisabeth Prügl
    • Humanitarians as Target of Violence
      Prof. Gilles Carbonnier
    • The Morphology of Urba Conflict
      Prof. Ravi Bhavnani  and Mirko Keul
    • The Fog of Crime: Gang Transformation and the Unpredictability of Violence in Central America
      Prof. Dennis Rodgers

    And more on the Institute, our professors, students and alumni.

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