Innovative Student Projects

Our students can launch or participate in a wide range of initiatives through the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA), which adds valuable connections, ideas and perspectives to the student experience.

Since 2015, Alumni Relations & Career Services has been offering support to Institute students who propose projects that contribute to the development of professional skills required for an international career and offers a comparative advantage in the job market (leadership, advocacy, team spirit, etc).

The project must be proven sustainable in order to be maintained by other students in the following years.

We offer to:

  • Evaluate the feasibility of your projects
  • Provide useful contacts through our network
  • Arrange relevant extracurricular education and training
  • Identify potential resources, including the financial resources of the Institute or the alumni community

Interested? Please send a detailed description of the project and your needs to Diego Gutierrez.


Student Initiatives supported by Alumni Relations & Career Services


Amicale des Etudiants Francophones_2.jpg

L'Amicale des Étudiants Francophones de l’IHEID
L’Amicale vise à promouvoir l'dentité francophone dans toute sa diversité, au travers d'événements académiques et culturels, au sein de l'Institut et au-delà au service de la communauté internationale".


Geneva Consulting Network

Geneva Consulting Network
The Geneva Consulting Network gives Graduate Institute students experience in strategy consulting by partnering with professional consultants to provide advice for NGOs working on social and environmental challenges.


Junior Diplomat Initiative Switzerland

Junior Diplomat Initiative
The Junior Diplomat Initiative aims to bring aspiring junior diplomats close to the reality of their potential future in the world of diplomacy through interactive events and discussions with interesting guests.

just innovate student initiative.png

Just Innovate/Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI)
Just Innovate is a non-profit educational initiative whose mission is to inspire and facilitate the creation of social innovations within student communities and beyond.
C4SI is an experiential education programme that challenges students and young professionals to engage innovatively with pressing social issues.

migration initiative.png

Migration Initiative
Deeply touched by the magnitude of the migratory crisis and the fate of tens of thousands of people in war zones who are seeking refuge in places such as Switzerland, the Graduate Institute has decided to collaborate with the Institute’s student Migration Initiative and to open its French courses to refugees and asylum seekers, primarily from Syria.