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The Global Governance Centre is dedicated to better understanding the actors, the knowledge, the practices, the institutions and the power dynamics that shape global governance.

Combining expertise from across the Graduate Institute’s academic disciplines, it aims at stimulating critical reflection on these questions in order to produce engaging, original and unconventional academic debates. The Centre is also a forum of exchange among scholars, decision-makers, policy practitioners and the interested public to analyse global governance arrangements across a wide array of policy domains.

The Centre’s current research is clustered around the following themes:

  • Global politics of knowledge and expertise

  • Actors, mechanisms and practices of global governance

  • Legal and normative orders

The Centre’s other activities include:

  • Events: bi-monthly colloquium series, seminars for practitioners, workshops, and public lectures

  • Publications: academic and policy orientated works from different disciplinary perspectives

  • Visiting Programme: welcoming scholars from other leading universities

  • “The Global” blog: an online platform sharing ideas about the past, present, and future of global governance

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Grégoire Mallard on the SNIS funded project "When Money Can’t Buy Food and Medicine: Banking Challenges in the International Trade of Vital Goods and Their Humanitarian Impact in Sanctioned Jurisdictions"
Carolyn Deere Birkbeck on the SNIS funded project "Governing Plastic: The Global Political Economy and Regulation of Plastic Production and Pollution"

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The Global

The Global is our academic blog which promotes critical reflection on the actors, norms and processes of global governance.

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