Administrative information

Student Services is available for general information and administrative questions regarding your stay in Geneva and your studies at the Institute.

student services

  • Groundfloor Petal 1, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, 1202 Genève

  • Tel: +41 22 908 57 57 

Opening hours:


  • Morning: 9:00-12:30
  • Afternoon: Closed


  • Morning: 9:00-12:30
  • Afternoon: 14:00-16:30


  • Morning: Closed
  • Afternoon: Closed


  • Morning: 9:00-12:30
  • Afternoon: 14:00-16:30


  • Morning: 9:00-12:30
  • Afternoon: Closed

Who's who

Find out who can answer your questions within the Student Services.


Student card (multi-service card)


Your student card needs to be validated each semester, using the terminal placed in front of the Student Services’ reception desk.

In case of loss, please do the following:

  • Immediately inform the IT department (tel: + 41 22 908 44 44 or email:

  • Pay CHF 10 to the accounting department (P1, level 4, 9:00-12:30)

  • Present the payment receipt to the Servicedesk (P1, level 3), so that they can issue your new card.


Email address


You email address is essential for all communications within the Institute. Our faculty members and administrative staff use it to keep you informed of important events, deadlines and any urgent matter related to your studies. You are therefore required  to read the messages received at that address or to transfer these messages to your personal email address.


Change of address


Students must register on Campus any change of address during their studies at the Institute, filling out the the second section of the "Invoicing Portal". To change the address for the University of Geneva, please click here.


INVOICE AND Registration certificate


Before the beginning of the semester, (mid-July / mid-January) the electronic invoice for the semester’s tuition fee is issued and available in Campus  "Invoice".  All students are informed by email in due time. The certificate of registration for the semester is available in Campus “reporting”


Transcripts, duplicates and other certificates | attestations


An official transcript of your results obtained during the semester is available each semester free of charge from the Student Services.

An unofficial transcript is available on your Campus account, under “reporting” (personal secure access).

The following official documents will be available for CHF 15:

  • certified copy of diploma and transcript of grades

  • any certificate other than the one issued each semester

Administrative fees

Coursework or correspondence addressed to a faculty member


Any coursework or correspondence addressed to a faculty member must be placed in their physical mailbox (located in the same place as their office) or sent to their email address at the Institute ( according to the faculty member’s indications.


Legalisation of documents and signatures


In case you need your Graduate Institute diploma and your transcript of grades to be legalised, this can be done at the Civil Registration and Legalisations Office in Geneva.


Request to postpone annual military service (for Swiss citizens only)


The request form, duly completed and signed, must be returned to the secretariat of your programme. It will then be submitted to the Institute's liaison officer.

You will find all the necessary information regarding the application on the Swiss Confederation website .





As of 2021, diplomas (2022 for the transcript of results) issued by the Geneva Graduate Institute do not contain any information relating to the gender of the student who has graduated, i.e. “Ms” or “Mr” no longer appears before the name.

Moreover, holders of Institute diplomas issued before 2021 (2022 for the transcript of results), may ask to have these documents reprinted in accordance with the new non-gendered policy.



The Diploma, Diploma Supplement and the transcript of results can be reprinted subject to providing the new identity document along with the official decision.

Please note that requests for a change/addition of first name and/or surname in the case of marriage or divorce are not accepted as grounds for reprinting.



The reissued documents will state “Reprinted on [date of reprinting]” but will not indicate the reason for reprinting.

This service is free of charge; requests may be sent by email to

The original documents must be returned before the new documents can be issued. We recommend that you inform Student Services in your reprinting request how you wish to return your old documents and receive your new ones (in person or by post).

Please allow between two and four weeks to process your request.

Reprinting is not offered for diplomas issued before 2008 and by the University of Geneva, which has its own procedure.





SOCIAL SECURITY and tax return



The Cantonal Social Insurance Office (OCAS) is an autonomous institution governed by public law which coordinates the activities of the Geneva Compensation Fund and those of the Invalidity Insurance Office. Their mission is to ensure that everyone is insured against the economic consequences of age, disability, illness, unemployment, maternity, orphanhood and widowhood. This results in the collection (contributions) and payment (benefits) of 1st pillar social insurance in order to cover the vital needs of the insured.

Contributing to the Old Age and Survivor Insurance (AVS), Disability Insurance (AI) and Loss of Income Insurance (APG) is compulsory for anyone having a civil domicile or working in Switzerland.



Reimbursement of OASI (AVS) contribution



After announcing your arrival at the OCPM, you may receive a letter from the tax administration for advance payment of tax immediately afterwards. You can ignore it. If you receive an invoice for the minimum personal tax of CHF 25, do not ignore it and proceed with the payment.

At the beginning of the year following your arrival, The tax administration will send you a tax declaration.

Filling in and submitting a full tax return on time, even if you are not taxable, is mandatory

If you choose to create an e-tax services/account, your AVS number will be required and can be provided by

The Geneva tax authorities offer free software that can be downloaded from the Internet. Since the versions are updated every year, you should use the latest one. All you have to do is follow the steps.

If you work and are subject to withholding tax, please contact your employer's HR.




Office cantonal de la population et des migrations.

Renewing your Student Permit.

Annoucing your departure.


Housing in Geneva

How to apply for a place at the Student House (and other options)