Target Initiatives

Our world is changing and our university model is in transition. The complex issues of this redefining environment create an opportunity for an in-depth reflection on the Institute’s raison d’être. It is in this spirit that Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Institute, initiated a collective project upon her arrival allowing the Institute’s entire community to identify a vision, mission and values/principles that are consistent with the Institute’s historical identity but also adapted to the challenges of the contemporary world. The result of this collective reflection is the Institute’s new charter. Our shared vision is that of an Institute that projects itself as a melting pot of diverse communities open to the world and committed to a peaceful world built on a foundation of equity and sustainability. 

As a continuation of this identity and strategic projection work, we are implementing three target initiatives:



Based on the vision and principles of the Charter, these target initiatives aim to inscribe and deploy their themes in all areas and aspects of the Institute - as research questions, pedagogical and teaching objects, but also as projects of engagement in our daily life, in the city and in the world.



The initiatives are composed of people who are involved and interested in advancing these different themes at the Institute. They include representatives of all internal stakeholders – faculty and student bodies, relevant research centres, administration and the direction. The initiatives are not closed working groups – on the contrary, their main dynamic is to drive and encourage broad-based projects around these themes by the different constituents of our community. 


Working Principles

These initiatives will be charged with:

  • Inscribing and deploying the themes they address in all the dimensions of the Institute: research, pedagogy and teaching, projection in the city and communication, impact on community life at the Institute 

  • Proposing a multi-year strategic plan

  • Setting motivating short-term objectives that are relatively easy to implement in parallel with more ambitious long-term objectives

  • Create parallel and communicative mechanisms with other initiatives

  • Measure progress and impact on assigned goals

  • Prepare an annual report and ensure communication about any achievements