Sustainability Initiative


Based on the vision and principles affirmed by the Institute's new Charter, the mission of this initiative is to integrate considerations of sustainability into all areas of work at the Institute - as research questions, objects of teaching, and projects of engagement in our daily lives, in Geneva and  the world.

Contact :

Cécile de Gardelle
Tel : 022 908 57 14

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Meet the team

 Cécile de Gardelle

Cécile de Gardelle

Initiative Coordinator

 Dan Graham


Head of Communications


James Hollway

Associate Professor, International Relations/Political Science

 Livio Muller

Livio Muller

PhD Researcher in Anthropology and Sociology
Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy



Executive Education Portfolio Manager

 Le Hénanf

Marc Le Hénanf



Carine Leu

Head of Alumni Relations and Professional Networks
Co-facilitator of the Initiative


Simon Lobach

Student (PhD)


Anne Saab

Associate Professor, International Law


Vanessa Valerio

Project Manager and Assistant to the Administrative Director 


Achim Wennmann

Director of Strategic Partnerships


Joelle Noailly

Head of Research, CIES
Lecturer, International Economics, Co-facilitator of the Initiative 

 Aline Dimitriou Cruz

Aline Dimitriou Cruz

Senior Career Services Adviser

 Jeanne Cordy

Jeanne Cordy

Master student

 David Gaymard

David Gaymard

Real Estate Director

 Claire Francioli

Claire Francioli

Programme Assistant, Executive Education programmes on Development Policies and Practices

 Emmeline Perreve

Emmeline perreve

1st year MINT Student - Environment and Sustainability

 Varun Paresh Vithalani

Varun Paresh Vithalani

1st Year, MA, International & Development Studies (Environment & Sustainability)

 Camille Darbo

camille darbo

Master 1st year MINT Environment & Sustainability

2021 Annual Sustainability Report

Launch of the first Annual Sustainability Report on the occasion of the Sustainability Initiative Days.

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