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Research Assistant: Chiara Ravetti
Timeline: 2012- 2014
Keywords: food prices, food security policy, nutrition security, genetically modified crops, hunger, sustainable agriculture
Funding Organisation: EU Commission


This project is in line with the research programme initiated by the Stern Review in 2006 and the successive IPCC reports which aim at assessing the scientific rationale for the anthropogenic climate risks, describing the possible consequences of climate change and identifying the best mitigation and adaptation strategies to such a change for current century. The GLOBAL IQ project should result in an update of the Stern Review and a comprehensive assessment of the costs of climate change at the national, European and world scales in the medium and long run, together with an evaluation of the benefits of possible adaptations policies. In this project, Tim Swanson together with research assistant, Chiara Ravetti investigate the role of climate change management in the control of health impacts from air pollution in developing countries. A case study is being funded to investigate how health is related to pollution in Beijing, and the means by which pollution controls impact health.


Working Papers and Publications: