Wellbeing & Support Service

Your wellbeing is important to us!

The Student Wellbeing and Support Service is dedicated to helping you navigate your own personal challenges. Our staff and network of professionals can offer you guidance, assistance or simply listen to any difficulties you may be facing. We strive to nurture a respectful and inclusive environment so that you can feel safe while speaking with us in full confidentiality. Our goal is to give you tools to overcome your obstacles so that you can achieve your academic objectives and live a more balanced life.

Supporting students

The Institute’s Wellbeing & Support Service is here to provide you with the help that you need to have the best possible experience during your studies. Whether you need accommodations for special needs, a professional to talk to, advice on navigating a difficult situation, or help figuring out the complexities of living in Geneva, the Service is here for you. The Service is also dedicated to providing information for student parents who are new to Campus de la Paix and its facilities. 

Feel free to contact us if you are concerned by :

  • Accommodations for a disability of any kind;
  • Unmanaged anxiety or depression;
  • Harassment or bullying;
  • Organising your study plan if you are a parent;
  • A sudden change of your financial situation;
  • An important change (rupture, death, accident etc).

Any request for help is treated with complete confidentiality unless your safety or the safety of another person is concerned.

Students may also reach out to the GISA Welfare for guidance and support.

Visit the GISA Welfare Facebook page

Visit the Gisa website


We are here to help

Do you have a question? A concern related to your studies or your personal life? Feel free to reach out to us and learn how we can help you.




Request of extension due to illness, or any other unforeseen event, documents and extracts related to your studies, contact your programme assistant:

Contact your academic advisor:  Dr Laurent Neury



We can help you prepare your application to financial aid at the Institute



We can help you in your job search

Tools to help you thrive

Here you will find useful contacts and links on issues related to health topics (meditation; mental health; stress; suicide prevention; violence and harassment; and drugs, alcohol and addiction).