Centre for Trade and Economic Integration

The Centre for Trade and Economic Integration is the Graduate Institute's Centre of Excellence for research on international trade. 

Welcome to CTEI, the Graduate Institute's hub for cutting-edge research on international trade. We bring together renowned experts in economics, law, and political science to explore topics related to trade, economic integration, and globalisation.

What We Do

CTEI serves as a global meeting point that fosters dialogue among academics, international businesses, NGOs, and policy-makers. We aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, including partnerships with research centres in the developing world.

Our Activities

Research Projects: Active involvement in various research initiatives.

Events: Hosting and organising meaningful events.

Visiting Scholars: Welcoming academics who enrich our research community.


Our Platforms


The Geneva Trade Platform (GTP)

Aims to simplify international trade policymaking by engaging diverse stakeholders, conducting research, and offering technical support. It is known for successfully hosting Geneva Trade Week in 2020 and every year since.


Thinking Ahead on Societal Change (TASC)

A collaborative forum focused on the future of work, addressing urgent global challenges.


Forum on Trade, Environment & the SDG'S (TESS)

Launched in 2021, TESS is a joint effort with the United Nations Environment Programme. It aims to align trade policies with environmental sustainability and advance the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.


Get Involved

If you're an expert in trade, the future of work, or digital governance, we'd love to collaborate with you. Share your contact details and expertise through our SURVEY.

Thank you for being part of our dynamic community, where we strive to advance knowledge, foster collaboration, and drive positive change in international trade and beyond.


CTEI Annual Report 2019

CTEI Annual Report 2020


CTEI Annual Report 2022

Contact us


Mail Address

Centre for Trade and Economic Integration
Maison de la paix
Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2A
Case Postale 1672
CH-1211 Genève 1

Email: ctei@graduateinstitute.ch


The Maison de la paix is located at Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2A, on the corner of Avenue de France. You may take tram 15 until the Maison de la paix stop or, alternatively, walk a few minutes from the stop at Place des Nations.



CTEI brings together the research activities of eminent professors of economics, law and political science in the area of trade, economic integration and globalization. It provides a forum for discussion and dialogue between the global research community, including the Institute's student body and research centres in the developing world, and the international business community, as well as international organisations and NGOs. The Centre runs research projects and organises events, and occasionally hosts a visiting scholar.

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