Research Multimedia

Stay informed about the latest research activities at the Geneva Graduate Institute with our videos and podcasts

This wall reflects the increasingly digital orientation of the research world, which takes place both in the way research is conducted and in the way it is made visible. The multimedia series below show the diversity of research activities led by the Geneva Graduate Institute community – from the joys and trials of our PhD students to the books by our faculty members, not forgetting the daily lives of researchers in their fields, scholarly debates, methodological issues, seminars and documentaries. 

In the Spotlight

Meet Grégoire Mallard, Professor at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology and Director of Research

Research Seminars

This series (video and audio) brings together recordings of research-related events.


Books & Publications

This video series aims to present newly published monographs by our faculty members and other substantial publications.



This series (video and audio) presents research projects or results through an original angle.



Focusing on research fieldwork, the podcast series Fields aims to provide insights into the daily life of researchers, including not only their academic activity, but also their intimate stories, anecdotes and lived experiences.




Pursuing doctoral studies is a journey bespeckled with experiences and encounters. The podcasts in ABD Stories highlight the unique and personal character of each PhD thesis.




Controversies & Epistemology

This series (audio and video) is dedicated to the analysis of controversies, conceptual clarifications and methodological issues related to academic debates.



This series (video and audio) shows research work carried out by our students as part of their courses.



This video series showcases documentaries produced as part of a research project.

0:02 / 18:18 “Double Loss”: Commercial agriculture, women and food insecurity in Cambodia
How Illicit Financial Flows Affect Developing Countries | Gilles Carbonnier
Art For Peace in Ambon: An Intersectional Reading | Wening Udasmoro and Rahel Kunz