The Fab

La Fabrique de la paix, or “The Fab” is the Institute’s new innovation lab. It aims to be a creative and safe space that promotes and showcases collaborative solutions for the world of today and tomorrow.

The Fab works towards three objectives:

spark curiosity and innovation




within and outside of the Institute, providing a safe space to do things differently.

nurture ideas and skills



accompanying innovative projects from their creation through to their implementation and beyond. This we aim to do through ideation workshops, skills training, networking opportunities, etc.




the Institute with itself and with others, as innovation often emerges from discussions and exchanges with new and diverse people.

Upcoming events



The Fab works in partnership with departments, centres, the Library, student services and many more to bring you a large range of workshops across the journey from ideation and designing, through to execution, and communication.





The "Futures" are series of events co-organized by the fab and the Tech Hub that aim to question and reinterrogate major themes related to the future and its imaginations.

Shaping our world

What is the world that awaits the next generation? and what do we want it to be? A series of events organized by student initiatives through which they explore the world that awaits them from their perspectives. More coming soon!

Mardi de la Recherche

Interested in excellent research? Join the Research Department as they dive into the world of research. More comming soon!

Testimonials by Students

The Fab is a unique place at the Institute in that it is accessible to all. It is an ideal space for students and staff to meet, discuss, debate, critically reflect or even relax on a busy day. The cosy atmosphere translates into a new form of collaborative space, promoting knowledge exchange, such as through the organisation of events and discussions with exciting speakers.

1st year MINT Student 

As a first year, the fab is a place where I met new people. The space is also great for having a coffee or study in a more welcoming and relaxed setting than the library. I am very happy that this space has opened this year!

1st year History Student


The fab has been a fantastic space for students to hang out informally, but also work together in groups for academic purposes. The proximity to the kitchen and the microwave is also a big plus.

1st year International Law Student

The fab has brought a bowl of fresh air at the Institute. The events there are creative and different. The space is cosy and welcoming. As a student, I believe that this was clearly missing in Maison de la Paix.

2nd year MIA Student

Ever since the Fab opened, it's always full of life. People come here to study, hang out, have coffee, in groups or alone. The atmosphere there is really what makes it a place to hang out in. Additionally, the fab has organized a series of very interesting and diverse events, a big plus for the Institute!

2nd year MIA Student

What I particularly enjoy about the Fab is the informal environment. We finally have a space to stay, connect, and engage with other students within MdP without having to sit in the Library or in the Cafeteria. The fact that events are being organized there increases its' appeal to the IHEID community.

2nd year MIA Student

Finally a place at the Institute where it is possible to do team work!  More than that, The Fab is the perfect place to talk about projects, attend original events and talk to an artificial intelligence machine to make art.

2nd year Law student 

The concept of the Fab is really great. Attending events, doing group work or getting a coffee with friends - you really have it all. I think it‘s the place we students all have been waiting for.

2nd year MDEV

It’s wonderful to finally have a space for students to work, hang out, and collaborate. Whether it’s for group projects, initiatives or events, classrooms, the cafeteria, and a silent library didn’t quite cut it - I’m glad the students’ wishes were finally met.

2nd year MDEV


The Team







Marina R





Monday-Friday: 8:00-23:00
Saturday: 9:00-23:00
Sunday: 9:00-19:00

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Join us on the 4th floor of Petal 2 at Maison de la paix

Students' Projects We Support

Young Travelers Program

The Forum

We are a NGO dedicated to promoting economic development, respect for nature, and the fight against discrimination. Our organization coordinates trips and volunteer programs (hybrid) where people can choose activities according to their interest !
Abhinay Art Collection

Art works to sale from one of our in/house artists