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Our main campus is located at the Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, close to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva.

How to get to the Maison de la paix


The Maison de la paix is located at Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2, on the corner of Avenue de France, a few minutes' walk from Place des Nations.

By tram

  • Tram 15 runs from the main Geneva railway station (Gare Cornavin) to the stop “Maison de la paix” in about five minutes. The Maison de la paix is about two-minutes’ walk from the tram stop, just across the railway bridge. Trams run every five minutes during the day.
  • Single tickets cost CHF 3.50 and are valid for one hour, from anywhere in Geneva.  A day-pass (from 9:00 until midnight) costs CHF 9, while a 24-hour pass costs CHF 11.50.
  • Geneva public transport

By car

  • As there is currently no visitor parking at the Maison de la paix, we advise you to visit us by public transport.
  • The nearest public parking garage is the Sécheron Park and Ride, located underneath the Institute's Picciotto Student House and accessed via Rue Kazem-Radjavi, located just behind the World Meteorogical Organisation. Turn right just in front of the JTI Headquarters and then left into the parking entrance (underneath the pedestrian bridge that crosses the railway line).
  • Once parked, take the pedestrian exit to Ave de la France, turn right and walk two-minutes across the bridge to the Maison de la paix.
  • Please note Chemin Eugène-Rigot is closed to all motorised vehicles.

By train

  • Geneva's main train station  Gare Cornavin  has direct connections from many cities in Switzerland and France. The station is a 15-minute walk from the Maison de la paix.
  • Another option from Gare Cornavin is to take a the train from the station to Sécheron, which brings you directly to the Institute. However, these trains run less regularly.
  • Swiss railways

By air

  • Geneva's Cointrin Airport has many direct flights from Europe, as well as North Africa, the Middle East, North America and Asia.
  • The airport is located 15 minutes from the Maison de la paix by public transport, or 10 minutes by taxi. Take the train (four/hour) to the main Geneva station (Gare Cornavin) and then the tram (see above). Alternatively take bus 5 or 28 to the stop “Nations” (12/hour) and then walk 3-4 minutes down Ave de France.
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