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Understand global issues from a grounded perspective.

Anthropology and Sociology at the Graduate Institute, Geneva

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology (ANSO) approaches the study of international affairs and development by inquiring into how social and cultural life, as well as political and economic practices, are shaped across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Our master's and PhD degree programmes foster the study of contemporary issues in global and transnational terms.




Our faculty ground their research and teaching in a commitment to theoretical innovation, robust empirical research and fine-grained ethnographic fieldwork. From this, we develop critical perspectives on how global problems are experienced differently around the world. Among the few bi-disciplinary departments of anthropology and sociology in Europe, our work bridges conventional North-South divides, theory and practice, and the worlds of academia and policy.

Be it in Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, or in Europe, North and South America, our research is primarily geared towards the analysis of social, political, economic, legal and cultural phenomena across the following domains:

  • Governance, the state, international organisations, law and policy
  • Global security and everyday insecurity, violence and conflict
  • Markets, land, labour and corporations
  • Migration, forced displacement, borders and minorities
  • Poverty, inequality and social movements
  • Race, ethnicity and gender relations
  • Environment, rural development, agriculture and food security
  • Cities and urban issues
  • Bio-medicine and bio-technologies
  • Visual and material culture

Key Activities

Tuesday Seminars

The Tuesday Seminars are public events organised by the Anthropology and Sociology department (ANSO) of the Graduate Institute of International and Development studies.

Entretiens de la Chaire Yves Oltramare

Les Entretiens de la chaire Yves Oltramare "Religion et politique dans le monde contemporain" sont nés d’une ambition et d’une contrainte.


The ANSO@10 are the new events of the ANSO department.

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How are anthropology and the environment related?
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The Maison de la paix is located at Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2A, on the corner of Avenue de France. You may take tram 15 until the Maison de la paix stop or, alternatively, walk a few minutes from the stop at Place des Nations.