A committee of nine representative members manages the Graduate Institute Alumni Association. The Association plays a strategic advisory role with the Institute’s Direction, while the Alumni Relations & Professional Networks Office carries out the jointly established action plan. 

Mrs Jasmin Danzeisen | MA International Relations 2007

Senior Manager, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland
Elected 2021


Ting Fang

Vice President 
Mr Ting Fang | Mdev 2013

Protection Delegate, International Committee of the Red Cross,
Port Harcourt, Uzbekistan
Reelected 2022


Mrs Brindusa Burrows | MA International Relations 2003
Founder & CEO, The Ground_Up Project
Elected 2021



Mrs Jessica Byron | PhD Political Science 1990
Director, The Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies St. Augustine Campus
Reelected 2023



Mr Mahmud Samandri I PhD International Law 1987
Secretary General, Global Governance Forum
Elected 2023



Mr Matthew Stephenson I PhD Political Science 2018
Head Investment and Services, World Economic Forum
Elected 2023



Mrs Jacqueline Kossiwa Tossoukpe I MIA 2019
Director, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, UBS
Elected 2023


Mr Marcos Tourinho | PhD Political Science 2005
Director, Global Response, Meta, Brazil
Elected 2021



Mrs Suba Umathevan I MIA 2009
CEO, Drosos Foundation
Elected 2023 


2023 General Assembly of the Alumni Association