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Need a team working place? Reserve one of our seven bubbles:

No reservations during semester break.

  • for the Graduate Institute community only
  • same day or next day only
  • for four hours maximum
  • one reservation per day
  • no reservations for Sundays

Check availability first (on-campus or with a VPN). Please use Chrome, Edge or Safari (the interface does not work on old Firefox versions).

Library map with bubbles location

  • no eating in the bubbles, only covered drinks allowed
  • reservation requests must be placed at least half an hour in advance
  • an updated student card is required to enter the bubbles

Please show consideration to others working outside these rooms as noise still travels and can cause disturbance.

Team Working Spaces



  • E-mail delivery of articles and chapters of printed documents from our holdings which are not available online
  • Delivery time: within two working days

Order restrictions

  • Graduate Institute community not in Geneva only
  • Requests must be made through a Graduate Institute e-mail address. Please provide the call numbers of requested documents
  • Maximum order : articles or chapters (100 pages maximum)

Place your order at

VPN and Remote Access

Access the Library's e-resources on your own computer away from campus through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.

For the Graduate Institute community only.


Different networks for different user profiles:

  • IHEID_AUTH: Graduate Institute community
  • eduroam: worldwide university students
  • free personal WI-FI access at the Service Desk: visitors
+41 22 908 44 44

Multifunction Printers

Four multifunction printers for copying, printing and scanning.


The Graduate Institute community uses the machines with its multi-services card; a credit is awarded per programme and per semester.

External visitors may buy a CHF 10 (100 copies) reloadable photocopy card at the loan desk.

A3 copying is available for the visually impaired.


The Graduate Institute community uses the machines with its multi-services card; a printing credit is given per programme and per semester.

The Graduate Institute community can also print from a Wi-Fi connected laptop (mobile printing).

A3 printing is available for the visually impaired.

External visitors cannot print (photocopying and scanning only).


Scanning is free and does not require a user card per se.


The Graduate Institute community can also print from a Wi-Fi connected device (mobile printing)

Printing/Copying fees

The following fees are applicable to printed pages and photocopies:


Single-sided black/white - CHF 0.10
Double-sided black/white - CHF 0.15
Single-sided colour - CHF 0.20
Double-sided colour - CHF 0.30


Single-sided black/white - CHF 0.20
Double-sided black/white - CHF 0.30
Single-sided colour - CHF 0.40
Double-sided colour - CHF 0.60




The Graduate Institute students can use one of the 150 lockers provided at the library for a CHF 50 deposit. 

Keys can be retrieved from the accounting service (Comptabilité, petal 1, level 4), Mon-Fri, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

Locker occupation is limited to a single academic year. An e-mail will be sent to locker owners to inform them of the required release date. 

Please use lockers with respect and common sense:

  • do not store perishable food for an excessive amount of time

  • do not store books without first registering them at the loan desk

Work Places