Health Services


    Do you feel unwell or do you have questions related to your health? 

    Have you been injured? 

    You will find different options below. 

    • Get a first medical opinion and personalised advice at UNIGE 
    • For medical examination/prescriptions/medical certificate at HUG
    • Vaccinations at HUG
    • Other medical service providers in Geneva

     Please find below the flyers including :

    For a first medical opinion and personalised advice at UNIGE

    You can make an appointment at the Health Service of the University of Geneva. Appointments are made online with your student address.

    This service is free of charge.

    Why consult?

    • To obtain a first medical opinion and personalised advice
    • To be referred to specialists (gynecologist, dermatologist, etc.) and get recommendations
    • To get a voucher for free HIV testing

    Please note that during a consultation with our doctor, you will not be provided with:

    • A prescription
    • A medical examination
    • A medical certificate

    Phone: +41 22 379 13 33
    For medical questions:

    For medical examination/prescriptions/medical certificate at HUG

    Patients are seen by general practitioners who are knowledgeable about young adults’ general health concerns at the Division of Primary Care of the Geneva Hospitals (HUG). A consultation also provides easy access to Geneva hospital network specialists.

    Consultations are available in French or English and may include :

    • Complete clinical examinations
    • Follow-up for a chronic disease (diabetes, hypertension, etc.)
    • Concerns related to addictions
    • Tests: blood, urine, X-rays, etc.
    • Prescription*

    *If you are following a medical treatment prior to coming to Geneva, we highly recommend you to take sufficient medication for the first weeks. Please take your signed prescriptions with you. We also recommend that you book an appointment with the HUG Division or Primary Care as soon as you arrive in Geneva.

    If you need a medical certificate, the HUG Division of Primary Care can provide one after analysing your health situation. You therefore need to book a consultation session.

    Consultation Fees: Consultations are billed according to the TARMED rate. 

    Fees are reimbursed according to your health insurance contract and only once the deductible has been reached.
    Consultation Times and Appointment Scheduling: From Monday to Friday, according to availability on the online appointments portal.


    Phone: +41 (0)79 553 56 57, +41 (0)22 372 95 49 or +41 (0)22 372 96 77 
    Appointments: Monday to Friday 8.30 am - 12.00 pm | 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm

    Vaccinations at HUG

    The following vaccination options are available to students:

    • Vaccinations against the FLU can be received without appointment at the hospital - see the following link. The approximate cost is CHF 30.00
    • Vaccinations against COVID is free of charge for persons at risk (vulnerable or immunosuppressed) for whom the vaccination is recommended. A medical prescription is required. For others the cost is CHF 64.-  
    • HPV Vaccination: students from 11 to 26 can receive the vaccination for free at the HUG Division of Primary Care if they are affiliated with a Swiss Insurance Company. Private Insurance Companies do not cover this cost (approx. CHF 250.-). To schedule an appointment, please use the following link > Book your appointment online — Consultation CASAA. (Choose ENG). You will need to bring a copy of your passport and medical insurance card.
    • If you wish to get the MPOX (Monkeypox) vaccine, here’s where you can find more information. The vaccination is covered by health insurance for people who present a high risk of exposure. 
    • For more information regarding vaccination, check out the following link


    If you cannot make an appointment at UNIGE or HUG, you will find a list of general practitioners and specialists on the OneDoc appointment platform

    There are also medical centres you can consult with or without an appointment. The centres closest to the Institute are: