Disability support service

Do you need special support during your studies?

Our service is dedicated to helping students  with disabilities and chronic health concerns to make the most of their time at the Geneva Graduate Institute. 

We are here to offer advice, to inform and to help you finding solutions. Whether you have questions related to an individualised study path, exam support, classroom access, special supervision during studies and academic support, or contacting additional services, come to see us.


The Institute provides specific adjustments (i.e. extra time for assignments and exams, and other special adjustments) for students with:

  • a physical disability (reduced mobility, impaired vision or hearing, etc.)
  • a chronic and/or autoimmune disease
  • mental disorder/illness (depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia, etc.)
  • learning disabilities/language and/or movement disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysorthographia, dyspraxia, etc.)
  • autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • attention-deficit and/or hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • other disorders  (case-by-case study)

Here’s how to request special adjustments:

  1. Whenever possible, special adjustments should be requested before the start of the academic year (semester for exchange students).c
  2. Submit the Individual Student Support Agreement form (ISSA) online

  3. Send a medical certificate* or previous university report including your special needs to wellbeing-support@graduateinstitute.ch.


Examining the accommodation request and decision: The office of Direction of Studies examines special adjustments requests and sends its decisions to the Wellbeing & Support Service.

Confirmation and application of the adjustments:

- Once confirmed, the adjustments are communicated to the teaching staff by the programme manager. Neither medical nor personal information will be shared.
- Students are, however, responsible for contacting their professors for the practical implementation of the arrangement.
- The adjustments are valid for the entire current curriculum (except in special cases or for temporary arrangements for which an annual reassessment is necessary).

Service dogs: Service dogs are allowed in the Institute’s student residences and on the Campus de la paix provided that they are certified by the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) and Assistance Dog International (ADI). The owner will also need to supply a medical certificate for the dog. Students concerned are requested to contact the wellbeing-support@graduateinstitute.ch at the time of their admission to the Institute.

Contact – Questions:

Wellbeing & Support Service
Email : wellbeing-support@graduateinstitute.ch
Phone : +41 22 908 43 84

Here’s how to request a leave of absence:

In the case of an accident, sudden chronic illness or incapacity reducing the ability to take the exams, temporary arrangements can be made when possible.

In this case, a written email request must be submitted to directionetudes@graduateinstitute.ch with the online form Request for leave of absence, together with a medical certificate justifying and detailing the requested adjustments, with a three-working day minimum before the exam.


On the webpage International Geneva you will find a map (picture) which shows you the location of the Maison de la Paix, the distance to the two student residences and many International Organisations.

Another map (graphic) is available on our page visiting us.

The conference room, classroom, library, restaurant, cafeteria and offices are accessible for people with disabilities.

Toilets for disabled persons are located in Petal 1 (next to the entrance) and at the library.


The Geneva Graduate Institute’s student residences have a limited number of adapted apartments for students with wheelchairs. Please contact the housing administration directly. 

There is also a directory of accessible housing options in the Canton of Geneva. The Swiss Association Pro Infirmis will be pleased to provide all necessary information.

The Association Procap provides an online real estate exchange for accessible apartments. It commits itself to prioritising disabled persons who are interested in an accessible apartment. Please contact them directly.


If you are concerned by a particular handicap, the team at our Career Service proposes you an individual and personalised accompaniment for your internship and job research. They work hand in hand with our Wellbeing & Support Service. All situations are treated confidentially.

For questions and organising a meeting with them, please contact career@graduateinstitute.ch


Students requiring domestic care and other assistance services (including home-delivered meals) through the medico-social centres (CMS) may contact  the following organisations:

Réseau de soins genevois pour le maintien à domicile et l'accompagnement des proches aidants


Below is information on websites (in french) that provide support and professional advice for disabled persons:

  • Swiss Federation for the Integration of Disabled Persons(French) (conseils juridiques)

    Inclusion Handicap is the voice of the 1.8 million people with disabilities living in Switzerland. The umbrella organisation of disabled people is committed to the inclusion of all disabled people, as well as to the respect of their rights and dignity.
  • Intégration Handicap – Fédération suisse pour l’intégration des handicapés – FSIH

    Inclusion Handicap offers legal advice to people with disabilities, their relatives and those who assist them, particularly in the field of social insurance law.
    Legal advice services are available to all concerned, regardless of their type of disability and their affiliation with an organisation. The offer is free. When compiling a file (from one hour of work), a single flat rate of Fr 150.00 is invoiced per case.
    The Inclusion Handicap website brings together legal tools to fight against unequal treatment.


The E-Shop Serel offers a large choice of medical  and specialised equipment for your home, office and outside.


PLUSPORT (Sport Handicap Suisse)

Plusport (formerly the Fédération Suisse de Sport-Handicap) develops and maintains sport training structures for disabled persons.

UNIGE Sports Division

Please contact sports@unige.ch to find out if they can offer any specific sports activities.


Swiss Federal Railways (CFF)

If you are mobility impaired and wish to use public transport, the Federal Railways site lists all support possibilities.

Transports genevois (TPG)

Mobility for all: information for people with disabilities or with disability insurance

Download their brochure on accessibility for people with reduced mobility (in French)

Useful Websites


Specialised Associations (Information and training)

  • Deafness and Hearing Impairment 
    Association S5 (in French) : Sign language
    Email : communication@s-5.ch
  • Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
    Autisme Geneva (in french)
     : https://autisme-ge.ch/
    Email : secretariat@autisme-ge.ch (Yvette Barman)
    Phone : +41 22 840 00 30
  • Blindness and Visual Impairment
    Association pour le Bien des Aveugles et malvoyants (in french)
    Secretariat : from Monday to Thursday : 10h00-12h00
    Phone : +41 22 317 79 19
  • Information and Adaptation Centre - Centre d’Information et de Réadaptation (CIR)
    Route du Vallon 18
    CH-1224 Chêne-Bougeries
    Reception : from  Monday to Friday : 8h30-12h30, 13h30-17h00
    Secretariat : from Monday to Thursday : 8h30-12h00, 13h30-17h00
    Phone : +41 22 349 10 64
  • Permanence des moyens auxiliaires: only available by appointment
    Phone (to make an appointment) : +41 22 349 10 64.
    This service can propose individual solutions for blind or visually impaired people
  • Cancer
    ESCA CancerSupport here.
    ESCA CancerSupport provides free emotional support, practical help, well-being activities and a welcoming community in English for anyone affected by cancer.
    We have services and activities available in Geneva, Lausanne and online.
    Our vision is that no one faces cancer alone.

If you need more custom advice and information on special adjustments please contact us.