Wellbeing Resources and Initiatives

You will find below some useful contacts, documents, videos, links and activities on different issues related to health and wellbeing topics.

We encourage you to find a good balance between your studies and free time — essential for your wellbeing!

What does it mean to you to take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself can have as many meanings as there are people in the world, as every person has different needs, interests, and priorities. Some cherish routine, good food, and quiet surroundings. Others need abundant socialisation, movement, and cultural events. Deeply subjective though wellbeing may be, what is clear is that everyone needs to take care of their minds and bodies. It can be easy to be taken up by other priorities, especially while studying, and it is important to take time to check in with yourself and make sure that you are doing the things you need to be well. 

You will find here information about activities and more related to health and wellbeing.

All-in-One Kit Contacts and Health & Wellbeing Resources

Wellbeing Events

Student Spotlight

To foster a culture of positive attitude at the Institute, we are happy to present some of our students, who, we think, make a difference in contributing to our wellbeing by showing us their ways to find a good balance between their daily tasks and obligations and personal development.

NEW Creativity Corner

Unplug from your screen and give your mind a refreshing break! Join us for a brief creative exercise to clear mental clutter and get your hands busy.

When : Weekly on Thursdays between 13h30 and 14h00, 
Where : The oval table at the Fab
With :

  • Océanne Fry, Art Therapist, IHEID Student Services
  • Eliane Minassian, Wellbeing & Health Counselor, IHEID Student Services
  • IHEID Student artists


Moving away from home, a busy time schedule and other unexpected situations may bring a lot of uncertainty and stress. To help focus on more positive things, here are some everyday tips to keep well.

Check out the 7 Simple Stress-Relieving Tools & Strategies That Actually Work by the Mindful Movement!

Just as sport helps strengthen the body, meditation helps to calm our often overthinking mind.

While this popular wellbeing approach can help to free the mind from stressful thoughts, if you have been affected by trauma in the past or if you have been suffering from depression, we advise you contact a specialist for medical advice and treatment. The Student Wellbeing & Support can help you to access  proper care if you contact wellbeing-support@graduateinstitute.ch.

We hope the following selection of guided meditations will help you in stressful times or simply become part of your daily self-care ritual. If you find one guided meditation which suits you particularly well, it will become even more effective if you listen to it regularly.

For beginners : INTRODUCTION Mindfulness Meditation (10 min) with the "Honest Guys"


Have a wonderful Day (10 min) Morning meditation with the Great Meditation Channel

Yoga Nidra 20 Minute Guided Meditation with "Lizzy Hill" 

Positive Live Affirmations - Uplifting Daily Exercise (11 min) with the "Honest Guys"

"If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you'd never think a negative thought" Buddha Quote

Develop a Positive Internal Dialogue (15 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

The Powerful and Positive Effect of a Smile (19 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

Energetic and Emotional Support (16 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

Experience a Peaceful and Productive Day (13 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

Choose Your Path/ Habit Change (18 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

Garden of your mind (20 min) visalization with the "Mindful Movement" " The seeds that are watered frequently are those that will grow strong." ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Experience Inner Tranquility with this short calming Meditation with the  "Mindful Movement"


5 Minute guided Meditation for Gratitude with the "Mindful Movement"

8 Minute Gratitude Affirmation Practice with the "Mindful Movement"

Practice Gratitude 10 Minutes a Day for Positive Changes in Your Attitude with the "Mindful Movement"

10 Minute Morning Meditation Feeling Full of Joy & Gratitude, with the Great Meditation Channel

Manifest Miracles with Gratitude  I AM Affirmations - Joy, Love & Fulfillment - Morning Meditation" (17 min) by Kenneth Soares


Reducing Anxiety and Stress - Clear the Clutter to Calm Down (19 min) with the "Mindful Movement"

Deep self-nourishment in challenging times (18 min) with the "Mindful Movement"


Stress Reducing and Self Healing Sleep Meditation, with the "Mindful Movement"

Authentic YOU meditation | You are Magnificent, guided spoken visualization, mind relaxation, by Jason Stephenson

Build Confidence and Inner Strength | Deep Sleep Meditation, with the "Mindful Movement"

Release Fear and Worry to Experience Peace | Deep Sleep Meditation, with the "Mindful Movement"

Listen for 21 days for a profound transformational experience and imprint your positive qualities and values into your subconscious mind...

Meditation and Sleep: Calm (free)


In this toolkit, you will find information related to meditation, mental health, stress, suicide prevention, violence and harassment, and drugs, alcohol and addiction. See below for the full list of resources.


A selection of articles on issues related to mental health:


A 2017 World Health Organization campaign about depression: "Depression: let’s talk". Published resources include:


Tips and tools to help you manage stress:

How to prevent stress?

How to cope with stress?


Recommendations on how to detect a person at risk and what you can do:

If you know someone who is in danger, please contact immediately the Emergency service at the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG) (24hour/7day basis): +41 22 372 81 20


Geneva counseling centre for victims of criminal offences - LAVI (in French):


Presentation addressing safe ways to enjoy yourself while taking into account the risks associated with certain party habits (in particular the abuse of alcohol and/or other substances): 

  • How to party safely! by Geneva University Hospital Specialists, Dr. Thomas Pernin, MD, MPH, Head of General Internal Medicine Consultations for Students and Young Adults and Dr. Stéphane Bernard, Chief Resident - Primary Care Division

  • Concerns related to racism or other forms of discrimination or intolerance Centre d'écoute contre le racisme
  • Conflict management and communication Maison genevoise des médiations
  • Centre for consultations and ethnopsychologic studies for migrants Association Pluriels
  • Centre promoting the health and mental health of migrant populations Appartenance 
  • Judiciary services for the entire LGBT population with tariffs adapted to financial situations Association 360°  
  • Association facilitating social inclusion and integration of refugees and migrants in Geneva through the universal language of sports. The Geneva-based association FLAG21 is a vibrant cultural melting pot in the heart of the city. Every Saturday morning, the Eaux-Vives park  (Villa le Plonjon, chemin de Plonjon 4, 1207 Genève) transforms into a hub of cultural exchanges and fitness fervor guided by dedicated refugee sports coaches. Best of all, it is free, no registration is required, and it is open to everyone!

Here is what you can expect :

  • 9:30-10:00: Kickstart your day with invigorating warm-up yoga
  • 10:00-11:00: Choose your pace from their three running groups (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and their walking group, or discover serenity in their yoga class. They have a dedicated group for children.
  • 11:00: After the training, everyone gathers to share a snack to get to know and learn from each other

Join them for a morning of fitness and fun. Break a sweat, break down barriers, and build a stronger, more inclusive community together! 

For more information: www.flag21.ch, www.facebook.com/flag21ch, +41 78 227 03 69