Student Spotlight
13 March 2024

Yoga with Grusha

Grusha Victor

Grusha Victor

Grusha is an advanced Yoga teacher from India. Her sessions are designed to work on the mind, body and breath. Grusha specialises in Hatha Yoga, Yogic philosophy, ayurveda, meditation and combines these through her teaching.

How yoga helps you to find a good balance between work/studies and time for yourself:

I have been teaching yoga at the Institute for more than an year now on Saturday's at Grand Morillion. Last semester I also conducted relaxation sessions every Wednesdays in Salon Davis library lounge. There are two reasons why I Iike conducting these sessions. First, practicing yoga in a group gives a sense of grounding and helps in dealing with anxiety that the pressures of living alone and studies can bring. Secondly, I have seen the difference yoga can bring to the body and mind. I have seen this for myself and in the people who I have had the privilege to teach. When I wake up in the morning and take out even 15 minutes to do yoga, focusing my intention on my body, mind and breath I have a fruitful and calmer day. This helps in grounding and taking out the required time for myself that helps me balance my work, studies and time for myself. Intention is so important and yoga teaches us that. 

Try this now, focus on your breathing: Inhale slowly as you count till 4 and then exhale slowly as you count till 4. Do this 6 times.
There, you put your intention on your breath. Do you feel better?
Now think if you can take out that 15-20 minutes for yourself everyday, how will you feel?
I think you will feel balanced and have a much better grasp of things that sometimes build up and stress us :)