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Centre for International Environmental Studies

Multinational Firms and the Diffusion of Clean Technologies (GREENSPILL)

Research Assistant: Jules-Daniel Wurlod
Partners: Dr Roger Smeets (Rutgers Business School, Newark, USA)
Timeline: 2013–2015
Keywords: innovation, technological change, diffusion, multinationals, industrial policy, clean technology
Funding Organisations: European Commission - Marie Curie Actions (Intra-European Fellowship)


The project aims to study the role of multinational firms to conduct green R&D activities in developing countries. The project has three main objectives:

1) to study the extent and motives of multinational firms to conduct green R&D activities abroad;

2) to explore the impact of green technology transfers by multinationals on the environmental performance of developing countries;

3) to draw policy implications on the role of multinationals for green technology transfers and global emission reductions.

The project combines theoretical analysis with econometric estimations using firm-level data on green patents.


Working Papers and Publications: