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Research Assistants: Kathryn Chelminski, Suchita Srinivasan
Timeline: 2014 – 2016
Keywords: clean energy, technology diffusion, energy access, governance and institutions
Funding Organisation: SNIS

The project ended on July 15th 2016. The final project report is available here. More information can be found on SNIS website.



This project aims to provide an in-depth investigation of the barriers to diffusion of low-cost clean energy technologies to developing countries as well as to the governance mechanisms that can help to unlock diffusion and improve clean energy access.

Anchored in the Graduate Institute’s Centre for International Environmental Studies (CIES) and funded by the Swiss Network for International Studies (SNIS), this project involves interdisciplinary partners across academia, including the University of Bern, ETH Zurich, University of Geneva, Harvard University, as well as UNEP, which represents the prominent international organisational partner.

The research project is co-coordinated by Professor Liliana Andonova, Head of the International Relations/Political Science Department and Co-Director of CIES, and Dr Joëlle Noailly, Research Associate, CIES, in addition to the IHEID research team, which includes Kathryn Chelminski, PhD candidate in International Relations/Political Science, and Suchita Srinivasan, PhD candidate in Economics.

The aim of this research is to both identify the obstacles that hinder access to clean technologies in developing countries and to assess which procedures at the governance level may be applied in order to facilitate their diffusion. At the same time, the research also involves practical aspirations to find best practices in order to reinforce the institutional capacity of developing countries to adopt clean technologies.


Partners: UNIBE, ETH Zurich, Harvard University, UNEP

Working Papers and Publications: