Vision, Mission and Principles

The Charter defines the vision, mission and principles that unite the community of the Institute, from students to faculty and administrative staff. It sets out for this community, as well as for our, the defining elements of a common identity and provides us with a sense of belonging. The Charter also serves as a compass, orienting our projects and activities.


A pioneer in the exploration of global issues, the Graduate Institute opens creative spaces for diverse communities and fosters the understanding and engagement essential to a peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.


Located in the heart of International Geneva, we produce and share academic knowledge and expertise on international relations, development issues, global challenges and governance. Through a combination of scientific excellence, transdisciplinarity, and critical thinking, we nurture students and professionals to become decision makers open to the world. We equip them with the competences, confidence, and sense of responsibility necessary to drive positive transformation.


  • Excellence
  • Independence
  • Critical thinking
  • Diversity
  • Engagement


  • Peace
  • Equity
  • Sustainability