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Law by Colour Code: Locating Race and Racism in International Law

 In this new Ambizione career grant project ‘Law by Colour Code: Locating Race and Racism in International Law’, jointly hosted by the Global Governance Centre and the International Law Department, Lys Kulamadayil will be exploring international law’s role in shaping food and ecosystems using the prism of structural racism. 

Law by Color Code aims to explore the role of race and racism in international law by focusing on the legal governance of nature and food systems in the Anthropocene.  It accepts that the meaning of the term ‘race’ is context-contingent. It uses the term ‘racism’ to describe the process of naturalizing the enjoyment of entitlements, rights, and privileges, for one racially defined group, at the expense of another. ‘Structural racism’ is then understood as the maintenance of hierarchies and dependencies structured by racial identities. 

The project is primarily concerned with European practices of international law, The focal points of this project are the legal systems of Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the European Union.  It builds on scholarship exploring the colonial legacies of international law and on domestic legal scholarship on racial discrimination and racism.


Timeline:  January 2024 - December 2027.


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