Global Governance Centre and NORRAG
16 April 2024

Book Launch Video: Decolonisation, Anti-Racism, and Legal Pedagogy

Watch the launch event for Foluke Adebisi, Suhraiya Jivrajand Ntina Tzouvala's new edited volume : "Decolonisation, Anti-Racism, and Legal Pedagogy" that took place on 25 March 2024.

"Decolonisation, Anti-Racism, and Legal Pedagogy" offers an international breadth of historical and theoretical insights into recent efforts to "decolonise" legal education across the world.

With a specific focus on post- and decolonial thought and anti-racist methods in pedagogy, this edited collection provides an accessible illustration of pedagogical innovation in teaching and learning law. Chapters cover civil and common law legal systems, incorporate cases from non-state Indigenous legal systems, and critically examine key topics such as decolonisation and anti-racism in criminology, colonialism and the British Empire, and court process and Indigenous justice. The book demonstrates how teaching can be modified and adapted to address long-standing injustice in the curriculum.

In their presentation, Foluke Adebisi, Professor in Law at the University of Bristol and Ntina Tzouvala, Associate Professor at the ANU College of Law Offered a systematic collection of theoretical and practical examples of anti-racist and decolonial legal pedagogy. This event was moderated by Lys Kulamadayil, SNSF Ambizione Fellow, Graduate Institute and was co-hosted by the NORRAG Global Education Centre


The book launch was part of the ‘Law by Colour Code: Locating Race and Racism in International Law’ project funded by the Swiss National Sciences Foundation (SNSF)

Watch the full video recording below.