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Global Health Centre

The Governing Pandemics Initiative

A one-stop shop tracking efforts to strengthen global pandemic governance

Initiative Overview


Research Leads: Suerie MoonGian Luca BurciIlona Kickbusch, Haik Nikogosian

Project Manager: Daniela Morich

Contributors: Adam Strobeyko, Alessia NicastroMoeen Hosseinalipour, Bétina Zago

Former contributors: Sara Emilie Lafontaine, Ana Balcazar Moreno, Anna Becker, Elisa Codato, Jubilee Nkechinyere Ahazie, Nora Sada, Tammam Aloudat

Project owner: the Global Health Centre, Geneva Graduate Institute

Project status: Ongoing

Funders: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the International Geneva Global Health Platform, PAX Sapiens, Resolve to Save Lives, Federal Department of Foreign Affaires FDFA

Covid-19 has exposed major gaps in the global system for governing preparedness for and responses to pandemics. The Global Health Centre's Governing Pandemics initiative is tracking efforts to address these gaps. offers a one-stop information source on six issues that have been identified as requiring reform, and on the proposed pandemic treaty. For each issue, the main problems, pre-Covid-19 reforms, 2021 recommendations by major international panels, and ongoing policy debates are summarised. Regular updates will be provided as efforts progress.

This project aims to provide resources and tool to a  wide range of stakeholders, including governments, international organisations, journalists, civil society organisations, the private sector, academic researchers and students, as well as citizens concerned about building a more equitable and effective global system for governing potential pandemics.