Adam Strobeyko


PhD Researcher in International Law
Spoken languages
English, Polish, French, Russian, German
Areas of expertise
  • Theories of the state, sovereignty and international legal personality
  • Global Health Law
  • Public and private actors in international law
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Europe

PhD Thesis


Title: Spectres of 'Man' - Anthropomorphism of International Law

PhD Supervisor: Fuad Zarbiyev and Anna Leander

Expected completion date: 2022

Adam’s PhD thesis addresses how, historically, jurists have made an analogy between a natural person and the 'person' of the State in their conceptualizations of sovereign power. The thesis analyzes the role and functions of anthropomorphic assumptions about the State as a subject of rights and duties under international law.



Adam is a PhD candidate at the Graduate Institute and a Research Assistant at the Global Health Centre. Adam’s interests include theories of the state, sovereignty, and the interplay between public law and private authority. Adam is particularly interested in the tendency to outsource traditional powers of the state to private actors and in the role of law in addressing technological and scientific innovation. 

Adam’s PhD thesis (forthcoming) addresses the role of the image of ‘Man’ in conceptualizing sovereignty of the state in international law. He analyzes the anthropomorphic assumptions made by international lawyers when conceptualizing the State as a subject of rights and duties under international law.


Academic Work Experience


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant for interdisciplinary courses at the Graduate Institute, 2019-2021. 


Research Experience

Doctoral Researcher, Global Health Centre, 2021-2022
Research Assistant at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Research Interests

  • Impact of new technologies and private actors upon sovereignty of states
  • International legal frameworks and instruments for governing cross-border health threats 
  • The ongoing negotiations of a Pandemic Treaty and the amendment of International Health Regulations


Relevant Publications and Works


1. ‘Disaster Preparedness and Response in International Law: Implications for a Prospective Pandemic Treaty’. Global Health Centre Policy Brief, 2021.

2. 'Poland, Supreme Court, Nangar Khel Incident, the Judgment of the Supreme Court of Poland of 17 February 2016'. ICRC Casebook, 2020.

3. ‘Space for Change: The ASAT Tests in Outer Space in Light of the UN Liability Convention’. Polish Rev. Int'l & Eur. L. 8, 91

4. The Validity of the Inquisitorial/Adversarial Division: a Study of French, German and English Procedure'. University of Warsaw Journal of Comparative Law, 3


One year of experience as a doctoral researcher on the Governing Pandemics project and three years of previous experience as a Teaching Assistant at the Graduate Institute. 

Fellowships, Grants and Awards

Academic excellence scholarship awarded by the Graduate Institute