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Impact Seminar on Effective Altruism (E.A.)

Jointly organised with Effective Altruism Lausanne & Effective Altruism Geneva
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Effective altruism is a project that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

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About Effective Altruism


Effective Altruism (E.A.) is about doing good better, and is a research field and practical community that aims to find the best ways to help others, and put them into practice.

E.A. was formalized by scholars at Oxford University, but has now spread around the world, and is being applied by tens of thousands of people in more than 70 countries.

To know more about what the effective altruism community has done, or to read some of the writing and research that has influenced the movement the most, visit the E.A. website:

Effective Altruism Website


Impact Seminar in Geneva


During the Fall Semester 2022-2023, the Centre for Finance and Development, EA Lausanne and EA Geneva will be hosting an impact seminar from October 19 to December 7, 2022 for students from the Geneva Graduate Institute.

The Impact Seminar will consist of eight weekly interactive group sessions from 19:30 to 21:00, where we will discuss the key ideas of Effective Altruism and get to know like-minded people. The sessions will be held on Wednesdays evenings on the Geneva Graduate Institute, Room TBA.




The programme of the 8-session Impact Seminar is based on The Effective Altruism Handbook and consists of a series of articles which will introduce students to some of the core thinking tools behind effective altruism, share some of the arguments about which global problems are most pressing, and help students to reflect on how they personally can contribute.

Oct 19: SESSION 1: The effectiveness mindset

Oct 26: SESSION 2: Differences in impact

Nov. 2: SESSION 3: Radical Empathy

Nov. 9: SESSION 4: Our final century?

Nov. 16: SESSION 5: What could the future hold? And why care?

Nov 23: SESSION 6: Smarter than us

Nov. 30: SESSION 7: What do you think?

Dec. 7: SESSION 8: Putting it into practice




Registrations for this semester are now closed.

A second 8-session Impact Seminar will be organised by the Centre for Finance and Development in the Spring Semester 2022-2023. Please email Patricia Arnold if you wish to pre-register (date and time tbc in February 2023).


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