Engaging the future

Our world is increasingly uncertain and fragmented, yet we have never been so interdependent. In a context where crises with a global impact are accumulating and interacting, we need to embrace this complexity and actively shape a desirable future.

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A Century of Impact

Since 1927, the Geneva Graduate Institute (then HEI) has been a pioneer in the exploration of global issues and their governance. Our history parallels that of International Geneva - and our projection as a player in multilateralism is deeply rooted in our Genevan and Swiss roots.

Our strategic ambitions are based on the Institute’s emblematic role as a vector of multilateralism, while adapting it to the new realities of the world.

As we approach the celebration of the Institute's 100th anniversary in 2027, our strategic forecast underlines more than ever the relevance of what we do at the Institute and the urgency of the issues we explore. This ability to look confidently to the future is based on solid foundations and on the spectacular growth of recent years, but it also requires new investments and resources.

Confronting Today's Toughest Challenges: Six Global Issues in Focus

The challenges facing our world are many and interwoven. We identify six as being of particular priority. Beyond the three pillars of our Charter - Peace, Sustainability and Equity - the issues of Multilateralism, Democracy and Technology must be at the heart of our strategic projection.

The skills that have historically defined the Institute - critical thinking, transdisciplinarity, the articulation of research with expertise and practice, innovation and agility - are particularly relevant to tackling these issues and the challenges that characterise them.

We are at a turning point. Thinking through the interwoven complexity of these issues is the sine qua non of an even more ambitious project - that of re-enchanting humanity to ensure its resilience and survival.

Help us Engage the Future and shape a brighter world

Together, let's engage the future. Join us on this journey and let your generosity be the catalyst for change.

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Together, let's engage the future. Join us on this journey and let your generosity be the catalyst for change.