Mobilise our Research and Communities to Engage with Contemporary Challenges

La Fabrique de la paix

In a global context of rapid change and increasingly complex challenges, transformation and adaptation are high on the policy agenda of both private and public organizations.

As part of its commitment to open creative spaces for diverse communities and to foster an engagement toward a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world, the Geneva Graduate Institute has created La Fabrique de la paix – or the fab – a place to forge and showcase collaborative solutions for the world of today and tomorrow. At the intersection of our interdisciplinary research, our rich international community of students and our broad network of partner organisations in International Geneva and beyond, the fab can become an important laboratory for the transformation of multilateralism.

The fab

La Fabrique de la paix, or the fab is the Institute’s new innovation lab. It aims to be a creative and safe space that promotes and showcases collaborative solutions for the world of today and tomorrow.

The fab’s objectives are to:

  • Spark creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. For example The Futures Series uses different techniques and approaches to explore our future. It combines events, conferences, workshops, hackathons and challenges to encourage our community to be an active agent in shaping our future, promoting innovative and desirable solutions.
  • Nurture necessary skills and competencies as well as projects. The fab organises workshops and trainings to promote and develop creativity and entrepreneurship among our students and researchers, going beyond traditional academic skills. The fab can also provide incubation support for projects initiated and run by our students.
  • Connect people and ideas within the Institute and well beyond. The fab serves as a “Grand Central Station” for the Institute’s students and staff and its partners to build bridges across research, teaching and student engagement at the interface of research, policy and action. The fab also allows to reach the Cité – mostly through accessible events that showcase our research and projects (like an annual Book and Podcast Fair) but also through Art initiatives and events that open the doors of the Maison de la paix in different ways and to a larger public.


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Digital Technologies X Global Affairs

The Tech Hub – Human Intelligence in Technology

The Geneva Graduate Institute has long been exploring the question of technology and its role in international relations, conflict and security, war and peace.

The new technological turn – digital, AI, synthetic biology – creates both unprecedented opportunities and challenges. More than ever, social and human sciences have an important role to play in the exploration of the complex role and place of technology. Even more importantly, they should be at the forefront for the necessary integration of responsibility and humanity in emerging technologies, right from the design stage.

The Tech Hub was created for that in 2022. It brings together an inter-disciplinary community of expertise to explore the social, political, human, governance and ethical dimensions of the contemporary technological turn. The opportunities and existential threats those technologies represent are by nature global – hence the peculiar role and responsibility of the Institute in leading on those issues.

We are committed to:
1.    future-proofing our community for a tech-intensive world
2.   shaping the future by influencing the design, policy, and governance of technology.

To achieve these objectives, we focus our efforts on three key pillars:

  • Learn digital skills and literacy: preparing our community for the tech-intensive world of today and tomorrow. We offer courses, workshops, and digital content for students, researchers, faculty and staff on digital tools, methods, critical thinking, and the socio-political dynamics of technology.
  • Incubate unexplored transdisciplinary research: exploring new areas of research relevant to the Institute. We are currently focusing on the governance of synthetic biology and artificial intelligence. We host technology-related applied research projects led by students on topics as diverse as virtual reality, the metaverse, and quantum technologies.
  • Shape tech design, policy, and governance: connecting tech-related research at the Institute with tech-related policy and governance discussions in International Geneva and beyond. We ensure a higher visibility of our research and position the Institute as a place of expertise and excellence in the field of tech-related policy and governance issues.


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The Geneva Policy Outlook

The Geneva Policy Outlook is a partnership between the Republic and State of Geneva, the City of Geneva, the Fondation pour Genève, and Geneva Graduate Institute.

The Geneva Policy Outlook

The Geneva Policy Outlook (GPO) is an initiative to shape and accelerate the adaptation of Geneva as a global hub in a rapidly changing world. It does so through activities to keep the finger on the pulse on Geneva’s policy spaces, and to help better understand dynamics of multilateral negotiations or institutional reforms.

Key activities are:

  • Community building, including by nurturing a group of senior policy makers and thinkers united to wanting to understand and shape the future of global governance, especially through hubs like Geneva.
  • Strategic convening, including Chatham House breakfasts, lunches or dinners featuring speakers and off-the-record discussions on key emerging global trends or on specific regional developments or crises.
  • An annual flagship publication featuring key issues to watch and analysis on key negotiations and reform processes happening in Geneva.

The GPO builds on the achievements of the pilot phase in 2022 that nurtured a community of 50 senior policy makers and thinkers from International Geneva and beyond, and produced the inaugural annual flagship publication – Geneva Policy Outlook 2023.

This publication featured 18 thinking pieces in English, French and German on issues to watch this year and on key negotiations. The pilot phase has delivered a proof of concept based on which the GPO obtained core funding for 2023-2026 from the State and Republic of Geneva, the City of Geneva, and the Fondation pour Genève to assure strategic convenings and the annual flagship publication.

The GPO would welcome additional support to expand its international ambitions and establish itself as a new voice on global issues based on the foundations of Geneva as a global hub for over 150 years.

This would mean:

1. The publication of two special thematic issues per year
2. Specific updates on ongoing negotiations, new topics, or major conferences taking place in Geneva or elsewhere
3. Expanding the multi-language dimension of the GPO in order to make discussions on global governance themes more inclusive and accessible.

Overall, there is opportunity to grow the GPO into a forum contributing to the acceleration of the adaptation of multilateralism to our rapidly changing world.


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