MOOCs: free online courses

The Graduate Institute now offers free online courses through FutureLearn. 

The courses run over four weeks and combine video lectures, articles, discussions and interactive assignments. Registration is free and learners can access the platform anytime. The courses are non-credit, although learners may purchase a certificate of completion through FutureLearn.


Who are these courses for?


  • Students interested in international studies, political science, economics, history, anthropology, sociology or development studies.
  • Professionals in international affairs from the public or private sectors.
  • Anyone is free to register.



With Richard E. Baldwin, Professor, International Economics

This course introduces economic globalisation and its impact on society, past and present. Understanding Globalisation –  a topic that dominates a great deal of the political and economic discourse worldwide – is important for all who care about our planet’s future and essential for those wishing to help shape this future. 

  • Workload: Three hours per week (duration four weeks)
  • Free online course, upgrade available
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SUPER-WOW! This course was just what I needed in order to provide coherency to my learning in other areas such as basic economics and history, politics and Twitter. Suddenly, I have a framework for understanding the world of humans.
Great insights, well developed material and exceptional teaching. I also learned from fellow students, their comments and their perspectives, which I really appreciated. Thank you!
Thank you for putting together such a great course. It was instructive and motivational. Also, to my fellow students, thank you for putting up with my comments and helping me to explore the subject in a friendly forum.

Global Governance


With Cédric Dupont, Professor, International Relations/Political Science

Countries across the globe are increasingly linked and dependent on each other. This can lead to tensions and confusion. This course will give you a compass to navigate our interconnected world. Learners will learn all about global governance, which aims for increased cooperation between nations, and why it’s vital. You will also explore the complex processes and institutions aiming at managing global challenges and issues, learning how the large variety of stakeholders can make global governance a tricky job.  

  • Workload: Three hours per week (duration four weeks)
  • Free online course, upgrade available
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