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In collaboration with the World Health Organization and thier program on Health System and the Economy, this short-term project sought to produce a statistical model called (EPIC model) capable of projecting the impact of various scenarios of health expenditure and imporved health status on economic growth. these economic benefits are genereated through two channels: the impact of improved health status on effective labour supply and productivity, and the impact of the corresponding required health expenditure on savings and capital formation. Different kinds of intervention can be expected to have other implications for economic growth due to their differing impacts on the labour and savings markets. Is there an economic rationale for scaling up the Universal Health Coverage (UHC)? Can economic benefits generated by the imporved health status self-finance the required costs? The project sought to answer these two questions by using EPIC model and investigating the impacts of the UHC on macroeconomic outcomes of 67 middle and low income countries.