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El Susto (The Shock): The Political and Commercial Determinants of Type 2 Diabetes

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73rd World Health Assembly Week

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Mexico’s number one killer is not cartels, but type 2 diabetes. Medical textbooks speak of genetics, diet, obesity, lack of physical exercise as the causes, but what are the political and commercial determinants that shape mass lifestyle choices? This webinar will focus on the documentary El Susto (The Shock) with a diverse group of experts, including the film director, in order to shed light on the factors that shape the epidemiology of type 2 diabetes. This event is jointly organised by the Global Health Centre and Saluteglobale.it. For more information on future screenings of El Susto, please go to elsustomovie.com.



  • Karen Akins, Film Director, El Susto
  • Simon Barquera, Director, Nutrition and Health Research Center, National Institute of Public Health, Mexico
  • Angela Carriedo, Public Health, Food and Health Policy Consultant
  • Moderated by Lorenzo De Min, Saluteglobale.it



El Susto

El Susto tells the story of how courageous public health activists in Mexico stirred a giant, the powerful beverage industry, aka “Big Soda”, when they took action to curb sugary drink consumption, with sobering and inspiring lessons for the rest of the world.

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"… impressively researched documentary on Mexico’s pioneering sugar tax." Talha Khan Burki, The Lancet

"El Susto is a provocative primer for public health advocates ready to learn from Mexico’s example in leading the fight for health and winning against Big Soda." Eduardo Sanchez, American Heart Association

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