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Book Launch: A Guide to Global Health Diplomacy

Dr Tedros, Dr Chan, Ilona Kickbusch & other international experts
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The system of diplomacy has been facing several challenges with the Covid-19 pandemic and new political and economic realities. The mechanisms of global health diplomacy play a key role in coordinating, advancing, and resolving health issues at the global level. To better equip health diplomats and negotiators, the Global Health Centre is launching a guide to global health diplomacy, produced with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and the World Health Organization. Written, reviewed and supported by global health experts from different backgrounds, countries and sectors, this training manual provides key concepts on global health diplomacy, outlines the major actors and activities shaping the global health ecosystem, and presents practical tools to strengthen negotiation skills. Join us on 18 February to celebrate the launch of this new book with international experts, including WHO’s current and past Directors Dr Tedros and Dr Chan, representatives from the EU, AU, G20 and G7, as well as the founder of the Global Health Centre, Ilona Kickbusch.

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