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In the eye of the Covid storm: How can media hold governments accountable?

Rahul Basharat Rajput, Disha Shetty, Mohammed Nadeem Chaudhry, Kerry Cullinan
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Online event hosted by the International Geneva Global Health Platform

4:30 pm CEST

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Never before in contemporary history has a health issue received so much media scrutiny as the Covid-19 pandemic. From infection trends to vaccine rollouts, pandemic response has become a lead story in the mainstream press. It is clear that media attention to an issue can shape public awareness and policy responses. How, when and to what extent can media hold policymakers accountable for their choices and decisions? What are the specific challenges that media in some low- and middle-income countries may face in covering the pandemic story? Join us for a groundbreaking conversation co-organised by the Global Health Centre and Health Policy Watch, exploring the challenges and opportunities of reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic.



  • Rahul Basharat Rajput, Pakistan-based journalist; Fellow at US Education Foundation, International Center for Journalist
  • Disha Shetty, Independent Science Journalist
  • Mohammed Nadeem Chaudhry, Pakistan-based journalist
  • Kerry Cullinan, Africa Editor, Health Policy Watch; Southern African Correspondent, OpenDemocracy
  • Moderator: Elaine Fletcher, Editor in Chief, Health Policy Watch
  • Welcome remarks: Suerie Moon, Co-Director, Global Health Centre


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