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27 October 2021

New analysis finds large-scale role of Chinese Covid-19 vaccine developers in addressing global demand for doses and technology

 The Global Health Centre published today new data and analysis on the role that vaccines developed by an entity based in China (“Chinese vaccines”) seem to be playing in meeting global demand for Covid-19 vaccines. Chinese vaccines are estimated to comprise nearly half the total volume produced worldwide in 2021, yet there is relatively little analysis of these vaccines available in the public domain.

This new research summarises the publicly-available data on efficacy, regulatory approvals, manufacturing and access to the four Chinese vaccines which have the largest international footprint (Sinovac, Sinopharm-Beijing, Sinopharm-Wuhan and CanSino). This new resource also compiles publicly-available data on R&D investments into Chinese vaccines.

The research team identified over 1.2 billion doses of Chinese vaccines purchased for use outside of China by 67 countries/regions and Covax, and 58.2 million doses for donation to 93 countries. Sinovac and Sinopharm-Beijing are the largest players among Chinese firms in terms of both volumes produced and countries where the vaccines are available, with significant production capacity also projected for CanSino. Chinese vaccine developers have also concluded 17 manufacturing agreements with producers in 15 countries. Overall, Chinese vaccines seem to be playing a large-scale role in responding to many countries’ demands for access to vaccine doses and technology.

The Global Health Centre has regularly been updating a Covid-19 vaccine database since 2020. This database provides information on agreements to purchase or donate Covid-19 vaccines, manufacturing arrangements, and vaccine R&D investments, among others.


Global Health Centre COVID-19 Research and Analysis

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Chinese COVID-19 Vaccines

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