PHD Researcher in International Economics
Spoken languages
Italian, English, French
Areas of expertise
  • Macroeconomics
  • Finance
  • Applied econometrics



Title: Essays in International Economics

PhD Supervisor & 2nd Reader: Cédric Tille and Beatrice Weder di Mauro

Expected completion date: 2025




Matteo obtained his master degree iin Economics and Social Sciences from Bocconni Uninversity, where he also obtained his bachelor in Economics and Finance. Previous to joining the Graduate Institute, Matteo has worked as a research assistant at Bocconi and as a trainee at both the European Commisson and the European Investment Bank. Hs research lies in the fields of macroeconomics, green monetary policy and internationial banknig and finance. Matteo works as a teachiing assistant at the Graduate Institute and as a Project Officer for the IMF. He is a senior fellow of the think tank Tortuga.


research interests 


  • Macroeconomics
  • Climate change
  • Banking and finance


Academic work experience


Research assistant at Bocconi University to Professors Gianmarco Ottaviano, Julian Sauvagnat and Basile Grassi. Teaching assistant at the University of Geneva (2021-2022) for Introduction to Microeconomics (French and English) and at the Graduate Institute (2022-) for Finance, Development and Inclusion


Other work experience 


Trainee at the European Commission DG COMP (March - May 2019) and at the European Investment Bank Economics Department (March - August 2021)




  • I veri poveri, (with Vittoria Baglieri and Andrea Gorga), in Tortuga (ed.) Ci pensiamo noi: dieci proposte per far spazio ai giovani in Italia, Egea (2020). 
  • Digitalisation in Europe 2020-2021: Evidence from the EIB Investment Survey (with Désirée Ruckert, Antilia Virginie, and Christoph Weiss), European Investment Bank (2021) 
  • Trade participation, innovation and competitiveness (with Meryem Gökçe Gökten, Péter Harazstosi, Rozália Pál, and Christoph Weiss), European Investment Bank, IMF, and EBRD (2021).


Fellowships, gRANTS AND AWARDS


Zegna Founder's Scholarship from the Zegna Foundation



Tortuga Senior Fellow