Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy

AHCD PhD Colloquium

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Room S12 and online, Maison de la paix, Geneva

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While much interdisciplinary training for early career scholars entails teaching them how assimilate different disciplines into their projects, the Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy’s programme focuses is geared towards building interdisciplinary communities.

Inspired by the belief that interdisciplinary work for tomorrow’s scholars will involve collaboratively generating ideas and commenting on work across disciplines, the Centre’s PhD programme consists of a bi-annual colloquium series.

The colloquium provides an opportunity for post-MPT doctoral candidates to share their work with colleagues, researchers and faculty. At each colloquium, several PhD candidates share an in-progress chapter/article of their dissertation. Each author is assigned a discussant from a different discipline with substantive, disciplinary, or methodological familiarity of their topic.


To register and for more information, please contact democracy@graduateinstitute.ch

Please note that this event is organised for the Graduate Institute’s community and that it is not open to the public.

You may subscribe to updates about AHCD activities geared towards PhD students or express your interest in partaking in a future Colloquium by emailing democracy@graduateinstitute.ch.