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Drug Policies and Development Conflict and Coexistence

Book Launch "Drug Policies and Development: Conflict and Coexistence"

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Description of the event:

International drug control mechanisms are focused on the elimination of drug production, use, and trafficking, through the operationalization of repressive public policies criminalizing these substances and their non-medical use. The implementation of these policies has had a detrimental impact on other global development objectives.

The editors of the special issue will talk about the contemporary discussions that shape drug policy; the intersection of drug control and development policies; and the paths towards adopting better approaches in order to align drug control with the global development objectives. Speakers will further share with the audience how this special issue brings clarity to this complex and multifaceted policy issue.

Welcome Remarks:

  • Ms. Marie-Laure Salles, Director of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies 
  • Ms. Ruth Dreifuss, former President of the Swiss Confederation and Member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP)


  • Dr. Khalid Tinasti, Director of the Global Commission on Drug Policy (GCDP) and Research and Teaching Fellow at the Global Studies Institute at the University of Geneva, Switzerland


  • Prof. Julia Buxton, British Academy Global Professor in Criminology at the University of Manchester and Senior Research Associate at the Global Drug Policy Observatory (GDPO), Swansea University, United Kingdom
  • Mr. David Mansfield, Independent Consultant and former Technical Advisor to the UK government
  • Dr. Corina Giacomello, Full-time Associate Researcher with the University of Chiapas, Mexico

Concluding Remarks: 

  • Prof. Mary Chinery Hesse, first woman Chancellor of the University of Ghana and Member of the West Africa Commission on Drugs

This event is organized co-organized by the International Development Policy Journal and the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Global Commission on Drug Policy