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Burdens of the past, burdens of the future? US climate policy in the world in a time of transition

Prof Susanna Hecht, Professor in International History and CIES faculty member
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President Trump was profoundly committed to fossil fuels as the key energy in US source, in part because of the significant support of the oil and gas industries, his dislike of environmentalists, his obsession with overturning the Obama legacy and his dislike of international agreements unleashed a tsunami of rollbacks on climate policy and practice many of which have already passed through the courts. Joe Biden, on the other hand has pledged to be the climate president.  

How much can the Trump legacy be undone, and what can Biden do to move forward? How do these look nationally, internationally and through the optics of climate justice? 

CIES welcomes Prof Susanna Hecht, Professor in the International History department at the Graduate Institute and CIES faculty member, to talk about the link between the US elections and the future of world's climate policy.

Join us for this online CIES Policy event. The talk will be followed by a Q&A with the audience. 


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