Anna Leander

Collaborationist Collages. Methodological Reflections inspired by Feminist Materialism

Anna Leander
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The presentation pulls together ideas from Anna Leander's recent publications on methods that rely heavily on ideas inspired by feminist materialism (Haraway, Mol and Stengers in particular). In the presentation she explores the 'composing of collaborationist collages' as a methodology. She outlines what it means to work with the composing of collages as a method, as well as what the (dis-)advantages of doing so are. She does so with reference to her own current research on the politics of digital infrastructures. 

The presentation builds on the following publications that are all available on request.


About the speaker

Anna Leander is Professor of International Relations at the Graduate Institute, Geneva and Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Rio de Janeiro. She is best known for her practice theoretical contributions and her work on the politics of commercial security. Her current research focuses on international political design.


Part of the Gender Seminar Series

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